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UV Sanitizer Machines! – Destroy #coronavirus

DESTROY Distressing Infections– Germs– Microorganisms’s as well as Extra! UV Sanitizer Machines! Now offered to the public, a (Business UV Light Sanitizer Machine) The very same (UL Light Sanitizers made use of in health centers! IN THE NEW AGE http://inthenewage.com Kill the #coronavirus, #covid 19– sanitize #arcade #games, house game rooms, and also much more! […]

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LOOKING TO THE FUTURE WITH HOPE AND OPTIMISM LINDON, UT – March 23, 2020 – Good news from Lindon, UT. There is a cure for quarantine. A cure for boredom, a cure for feeling trapped at home, and mostly a cure for staying connected. What’s the cure? Puzzles. Puzzles? The world has changed quite a […]

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Did China Discover Coronavirus Cure?

Did China Find Coronavirus Cure? Dr. Isola says maybe, as new confirmed corona virus cases continue to plummet in China since February 17th when China hospitals were issued new Guidelines for treating coronavirus pneumonia that recommended Chloroquine. Lawrenceville (March 2, 2020) – The number of corona virus confirmed cases now stand at 85,641 all over […]

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