Apprit Technology Group, the leading digital marketing strategy and website development agency in San Francisco Bay Area, announced that it has been selected by 11T Partners, a New York based boutique healthcare investment bank, to develop a website for 11T’s research coverage.

As part of the project, Apprit Technology Group will develop a website for 11T Partners where the researchers at the firm would be able to publish research reports on healthcare industry M&A and financing deal trends. 11T Partners has been increasingly active in the consumer healthcare space. In 2016, 11T has successfully completed the sale of Ducere Pharma to Dr. Reddy's and the sale of Viactiv to Adare Pharmaceuticals and anticipate a number of additional OTC deal completions in 2017.

Focused on Healthcare Industry, 11T Partners LLC provides mergers & acquisitions advisory services, equity and debt placement services, and strategic advice to middle-market public and private healthcare companies. Over the years, 11T Partners has advised a range of public and private companies across healthcare segments that include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare services and information technology, both in the United States and worldwide.

Apprit Technology Group is leading San Francisco Bay Area based website development and digital marketing agency. Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables them to effectively compete online. Apprit Technology Group was started by few computer science students to address the digital challenges faced by small businesses who were shutting their doors because of their inability to compete on a growing digital landscape. Since the times have changed significantly the way business was conducted just few decades ago, Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables the businesses to effectively compete online. Apprit's core philosophy is to help small business owners. Apprit professionals have background in engineering and business which helps them to build products and provide services that benefits their clients.

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