Bee Natural Locks is launching a new hair care line that would change the concept of maintaining a crown full of healthy Locs. The natural hair care brand is introducing a new range of products that includes a leave-in conditioner, a scalp rejuvenation spray, a clarifying shampoo, and a carbon detox shampoo with active charcoal, providing all the nutrients that the hair and scalp need to stay moisturized, refreshed and healthy.  

Bee Natural locks’ range of loc products does everything from keeping the hair properly moisturized, feeling supple and shiny to treating dry scalp, and removing impurities and excess sebum. All four products are made from ingredients that have been tested and proven to help the hair regulate and normalize its system. It’s no wonder the brand’s motto is “try the best and get rid of the rest.”  

Loc enthusiasts can start with the Bee Natural Look Leave-in conditioner which retails at $20. This water-based conditioner will strengthen and protect the hair ensuring a great foundation for natural styling. Next in line is an oil-free spray, Bee Natural Look scalp rejuvenation spray which goes for $16. And then there are the shampoos, Bee Natural Look Clarifying Shampoo ($20) and Bee Natural Look Carbon detox shampoo with active charcoal ($22). The clarifying shampoo accentuates the natural beauty of the hair and gives it a subtle feel. While the carbon detox shampoo contains active ingredients that remove impurities and excess sebum without irritating the scalp and is recommended for everyday use. 

“I felt that we needed to get back to the basics of the fundamental building blocks of the hair.” Tameka Clark, founder of Bee Natural Locks said. “To give your hair what it needs without weighing down your locs or causing build-up. Your crown should be given all the nutrients it needs to rebuild replenish and moisturize your hair and locks without adding buildup to your scalp, and that is the motivation behind Bee Natural Locks.“     

To celebrate its launch, Bee Natural Locks is offering an $8 discount if you pick up its entire collection at its official website. You can also shop for Bee Natural Locks' products at  


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