China - 3D Prostate Cure, a prostate cancer clinic which was started under the leadership of Dr. Xinping Song, recently started offering affordable 3D prostate treatment to prostatitis patients. The specialized cure method is now administered on patients who are diagnosed with prostatitis and the treatment cost has been kept minimal so that everyone can afford the treatment. However, a spokesperson from the China based clinic told the press that they only have their treatment facility in China hence they need to fly to China to avail the treatment.

While speaking about their advanced 3D prostate treatment , a senior research assistant and a spokesperson maintained that the treatment that Dr. Song has innovated is quite different from traditional antibiotic treatment and the diagnostic approach is also quite dissimilar to all the traditional treatment methods combined. “As the very first step, we identify the pathogens and then locate the affected areas. After that, we administer a set of targeted injections that kill the pathogens and the affected cells. The main treatment procedure is followed by a long and systematic rehabilitation regime”, she said while speaking to the press.

“Also, the 3D prostate treatment is affordable and patients also have this option to pay the entire cost in instalments. After the first week of treatment, patients need to pay only 60% of the treatment cost. We also accept payments through Western Union money transfer, which makes it easier for our European and North American patients to avail the treatment without any hassle or without worrying too much about making the payment”, she added.

The spokesperson also indicated that people who have global medical insurance may get their treatment cost covered. However, she said that the patients should get in touch with their medical insurance companies in advance to know whether their treatment cost would be covered or not. At the recent press conference, Dr. Song team members also claimed that the treatment cost might also be tax deductible for some patients. “We have left all the options open for our patients so that they don’t end up paying undue amounts of money”, she added.

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3D Prostate Cure is a China-based 3D prostate treatment clinic.

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