Xiangtan China; 16, June 2017: Dr. Song is a respected professional and very well known in the medical fraternity in China. This venerated urologist worked his way up after graduating from the medical school affiliated to the University of South China in the year 1986. While working as a doctor in a public hospital, Dr. Song carried out painstaking research in prostate disease continuously for 6 years during which time he investigated thousands of microbial samples. He had to labor a lot before his efforts bore fruit and his treatment method was endorsed by the medical society in China. After his exclusive and sophisticated 3D treatment technique received approval from the medical fraternity, he laid the foundations for two clinics in the province of Hunan.

Dr. Song who pioneered the 3D PTT process has been encouraging patients to opt for the same at his 3D clinic. He claims that since the treatment procedure is completely non-surgical, it steers clears of the complications of a typical surgery. The urologist’s methodology for dealing with prostate disease and the related complications associated with this glandular infection is thoroughly secure and without side effects. The patient starts experiencing the results soon after he or she has been through the healing method. The lacerated tissues in the prostate gland fade away gradually and ultimately disappear completely and the patient feels increasingly better with every passing day as his body heals on its own.

The modus operandi for 3D treatment for prostatic review has a striking similarity to the traditional Chinese medicine practice, a type of alternative medicine. Small injections with extremely fine and sharp tips are pierced via the fissures or gaps in the pelvic region. Dr. Song and his team of medical specialists administer the syringes in such a way that these are able to reach the affected layers of tissues in the prostate gland, epididymis, vas deferens, and seminal vesicles. Blood vessels, nerves, veins, and capillaries remain unaffected and the patient despite undergoing continuous treatment will not be able to identify or spot any needle marks. The patient while going through the 3D PTT will start feeling the benefits of the treatment.

More benefits are realized once the 3D treatment course of action is complete. For instance, physiological systems start working more efficiently, normal shape and size of the prostate is restored, libido receives a boost, and semen quality improves. The medicines administered via the needles directly influence the tissue layers affected by lesions and remain effective for hours, depending upon the intensity of the dosages. The inoculations are given in such a way that they do not seep into other internal organs in the body including the stomach, liver, kidney, and the intestines. Patients are able to carry on with their normal activities after every treatment episode.

About 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics:

Dr Song who invented a revolutionary technique for treating prostate disease owns two 3D clinics located close to each other where patients undergo the extraordinary PTT procedure.

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