6 Salon, an award-winning hair and beauty salon with two Michigan locations in Royal Oak and Birmingham, has published a description of the employee training and education program that each salon employee undergoes prior to working with clients in the salon. The training and education program for employees takes place at the salon’s Birmingham location.

The salon begins a description of its staff training and education program by acknowledging the meticulous nature of how the salon chooses potential new employees. “When it comes to hiring staff,” the salon explains, “the partners at 6 hand-pick individuals who have assisted them in the past, or worked at the same salons.” The salon’s leadership staff further stresses an employee culture emphasizing collaboration and learning between each of its staff members.

Information on the Birmingham salon’s in-house salon training and education program, which takes place at a school the salon has developed and deemed “6 Academy,” also highlights the school’s award-winning instructors. “The staff at 6 Salon have been taught by award-winning prominent names such as Frederick Fekkai, Joe Blackwell, Oscar Bond, Phillip Wilson, Vivian McKinder, Gino Stempora, Koby for Bumble & Bumble, Sam Villa and Recine,” writes the salon.

The goal of the training program, according to the salon’s founder, is to ensure that each staff member stays abreast of current hair and beauty trends while being afforded the opportunity to work with industry-leading stylists. Beyond the in-house salon training program, the salon offers off-site training programs that allow stylists to attend classes from experts based in cities all over the world including Italy, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. According to one of the salon’s co-founders, the training program stimulates creativity: “I try to keep our designers challenged. I want them to think globally, so they are motivated to reach a higher step in the business.” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu48_ey99j6XLjDfFl6qGkw

One measure of the training and education program’s success is the diverse clientele attracted by the salon. Local celebrities and young, hip clients, as well as business professionals, all rely on the quality services and skilled professionals at 6 Salon explains. Further details can be found at http://www.sixsalon.com/careers/

6 Salon Birmingham opened in 2007 and has since moved to a new location in Old Woodward. The Birmingham location is considered to have a warmer material palette than the salon’s flagship location in Royal Oak. The salon features over 20 stations and a color bar as well as make-up and spa services. In its first year of operation, 6 Salon Birmingham was designated ‘Salon of the Year’ by Salon Today magazine. https://twitter.com/6_salon

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