7GreenLights™ is a resource for independent artists, filmmakers, videomakers, fans, friends and enthusiasts.  7GREEN® hosts Venues™ that serve as shared stages or streaming hubs and provide artists and creators with opportunities to share their work with more relevant fans and enthusiasts than ever before.  The founder of this ‘artist-first’ venture is now seeking community support on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform and invites all music lovers and supporters of independent art to contribute to the campaign and claim a new 7GreenLights™ tank, tee, doggie onesie or even your very own Venue™ to showcase music, film or video in a specific genre and location!

“Our campaign's goal is to raise funds necessary to debut our new digital Venues™ in 50+ locations and genres over the remaining six months of 2017,” a 7G spokesperson confirmed earlier this week.  Venues™ will enable artists and creators to share their work with fans and enthusiasts, collectively. Perhaps most importantly, Venues™ will create opportunities for each participant's respective network to discover, stream and GreenLight® other artists who post to the same Venues.

7GreenLights’ Indiegogo Campaign is located at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/7greenlights-a-launchpad-for-independent-artists-mobile-streaming and supporters can back this project on Indiegogo through a variety of perks ranging from $25 to $500.  The time has come for a true artist resource — one built to enable dedicated artists to turn their passions into careers — to take the stage.

About 7GreenLights™

7GreenLights™ is building a platform for independent artists, video- and filmmakers to share their creative works with the world in an amazingly organized, innovative and artist-friendly way.  7GREEN® Venues™ will enable independent artists to generate more streams, earn a greater share from their streams, and add an entirely new source of revenue in the process: Venue Revenue.  7GreenLights’™ crowdfund is now seeking generous community support on Indiegogo.

Contact: 7G Founder, Managing Director
Contact Person: Brendan Healy
Company: 7GreenLights™  (7G, LLC)
Address: PO Box 117193, BURLINGAME, CA - US
Phone: 415-535-8190
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.7greenlights.com

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