911 Remediation, providers of water and mold remediation services, has announced the opening of a new location in San Jose.

The company, who has provided a range of related services including mold remediation, mold removal, water damage restoration and water damage services throughout California, will expand its service area capabilities through the new branch.

Erez Gilad, 911 CEO, says the ability to respond quickly, and to have qualified and trained staff available is critical when it comes to rain and flood damage. “Issues with water and mold damage grow worse by the day so even if it isn’t something dramatic like a flood, we want to be able to respond quickly after a homeowner notices mold or water damage.”

911 Remediation offers 24 hour a day seven day a week service, even on holidays. That level of service means the team can respond quickly to emergency situations, both to control the damage before it spreads and to ensure clients’ peace of mind. “There is nothing worse than knowing you have a problem and having to wait through a weekend or holiday for a business office to open again so you can get help.”

He says mold can create health issues for people with allergies, people with sensitive immune systems, and everyone in the home if it is left unchecked. Signs of mold are indicators of a moisture issue that needs not only to be cleaned up, but the source identified and preventative measures put in place as well.

Beyond essential water and mold remediation services, the company also provides sewage clean up, fire and smoke damage restoration, pet odor control, grow house clean up, carpet and rug cleaning, and more. “Part of a clean up can also mean air duct, vent and HVAC clean up and our technicians are skilled to deliver this as well. Sometimes people move into a home and realize they have inherited odors or other issues from previous tenants. These typically won’t just go away with time and need to be professionally dealt with.”

Gilad says his team is also equipped to handle reconstruction, crawl space and attic insulation services. Part of the team’s ability to tackle this diverse range of services, he says, is the specific training in safe working practices and handling confined and sensitive spaces. “The work we do is focused on creating a healthy living environment for our clients. There is specific knowledge and expertise our team must have and this training and experience fits into each of the specific offerings we provide.”

Many homeowners are protected from some of these kinds of damage through home insurance policies. Gilad says though that not all service providers are recognized by insurance companies as able to take on the work. “We work with all major insurance companies which means if the work is covered under your insurance policy, we can satisfy the provider’s conditions and requirements for work done.”

Gilad says 911 Remediation is pleased to be able its full line of remediation and cleaning services to the residents of San Jose. “Our new location represents the next stage in our strategic growth plan. As homeowners grow increasingly concerned about healthy living environments for their families and the issues that can lead to an unhealthy environment, our services become more in demand. We are proud to be able to help them meet their needs.”

For more information, visit http://911remediation.com/san-jose

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