It takes an incident, or in this case, an accident to change the situation of an individual and this was what happened with N Ritesh after a tragic accident left him with severe problems, making the once active person depressed and unable to pursue his IT career and artistic hobby. His life, however, took a positive twist after reading about extreme flash fiction where six word stories grabbed his attention and subsequently led to Ritesh writing almost 50 of his own six-word stories in a night. is set to be launched on 23rd March 2017, showcasing the unique compilation of six-word stories written by Ritesh, and establishing how Ritesh used Six Word Stories to fight depression and mental illness.

Titled Six Words Is All I Needed, the book is a unique compilation of thought provoking six-word stories exploring the highs and lows life in general. The collection includes different events from current happenings to jokes and his family struggles, with his witty and heartwarming style shining through the stories.

Some of the stories in Six Words Is All I Needed are “Donald Duck is Cartoon, not President,” “Doctor Gone Missing After Buying Apples," “Anything But My Daughter’s Twin Tears.” In last six days, Ritesh, his wife and cousin has taken an idea into a website, an eBook and a physical book, defying all odds and proving that no mountain is insurmountable as long as there is a will to achieve. serves as an encouragement to Ritesh and other similar people, helping to bring back the writing skills of Ritesh and more importantly, helping him to get his life back. The book is ready for self publishing through Amazon as an encouragement not only to people with mental health issues, but everyone faced with one challenge or the other.

About is a site designed to showcase the experience, struggle, and determination of a person with various physical and mental health issues who defied all odds to put himself on the path of self-discovery thanks to his encounter with the extreme flash fiction that subsequently led to him writing over 50 six word stories in one night. His first book, Six Words Is All I Needed is a collection of six word stories that cover different aspects of life. Six Story, Six Days, One Book is no mean feat to achieve.

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