It was 1992 and the height of the sneaker craze. Jordan’s were becoming popular as NBA basketball was also beginning to soar. Tennis shoes began their high-tech look with the advent of the “pump”. And then came an innovation which really took the public by storm. It was the light up shoe. LED shoes were introduced and most kids had to have a pair. They jumped off the shelves. Unfortunately, the shelf-jumping didn’t last as long as hoped. Some of the LED shoes design was greatly flawed and health concerns arose. Eventually the sales went south and the lights dimmed on the LED product.

Fast forward to today and the new craze, which is actually an old craze. The light up shoe is back in style and one company is making sure it stays in style. has taken what was old (and quite popular) and has made it new again. A big hit with the Gen Y’ers, these LED shoes are unlike their 90’s counterparts. For beginners, the LEDs of today circle the entire sole of the shoe and not just the heel. More lights, more colors, major attraction. This new style of light up shoe is now the rage at dance clubs. Social media has also played a big part in the growth and attraction of the LED shoe. Coupled with a generation who loves to be in front of the camera, this shoe is a perfect fit. Another great feature of the shoe deals with what most kids find commonplace now, a charging port. The shoes have a built in USB port so they are able to charge their shoes. A full charge, taking approximately 2.5 hours, allows its owner up to 6 hours of play time.

And what options Lightingshoes has built into their LED shoe. They are designed with 7 LED static colors which include: red, blue, yellow, green, aqua, purple and white. This shoe also has 1 LED strobe setting and 2 LED color change options that allows it to rotate through all the colors.

But not willing to just count on the Gen Y’ers, Lightingshoes has developed their brand for all ages, Mens Boys - LightingShoes - Led Shoes Light Up Shoes Yeezy shows their lines for men. Lightingshoes offers a few different styles, available for each age group and gender. Their styles include: YZ LED shoes, Low Top Sneakers and High Top Sneakers. The YZ shoes offer the largest choice in shoe color: black, grey, blue, green, pink and red.

Lightingshoes approach to sales is quite impressive. They imply a retargeting plan through Facebook, that has been huge for their Shopify site. With 90% of their traffic coming from Google shopping ads, Lightingshoes smartly employs Facebook to reengage their traffic. For this, they use 2 different Facebook campaigns. The first goes after people who have visited their website, who have actually added their product to their shopping cart, but have yet to pull the trigger on the purchase. A 20% discount is offered to help entice the buyer. Their second campaign is aimed at customers who have gone to the website and viewed two or more pages on the site. From that, they can gauge a strong customer interest in their shoe. Lightingshoes offers those customers a 10% discount.

The ultimate Kids Yeezy LED Shoes is a popular fashion in today’s market and Lightingshoes is hoping not only the Gen Y’ers will keep it going, but with their “modern twist” on a 90’s fad, they believe all ages will keep this fashion popular for years to come.

Dan Rusu
Company Name: Lighting Shoes
Address: 1500 Main Ave. 2nd Floor, Clifton, NJ 07011
Phone: (657) 444-7917
Email: [email protected]

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