The business expense management market is dominated by a few giants, but a new player, U-Expense says, "By keeping the customer’s needs at the forefront of our product we’ve created a better, much easier system for them to manage."

Launching on Friday 28th April 2017, on not only their own website, but some discount platforms, they aim to disrupt what’s currently seen as the standard model.

In the build up to their new product launch, U-Expense Director Martin Parsons said, “We built a system for ourselves, that’s what makes it awesome, we can now build anyone a system to suit their actual needs, it’s bespoke, less whistles and bells but more of what’s actually needed”

We asked how they intend to ‘disrupt the current model’. The answer surprised us, no subscriptions for U-Expense, it’s a one off build cost under £100, the buyer then wholly owns the system and the code that makes it work. A little disruptive we’d agree, anything else? It seems so, the system is built on the back of a thorough questionnaire completed by the purchaser. That way there are a few standard parts and many variable ones. “That’s what makes it bespoke,” said the creator of the system.

We got the feeling Martin Parsons was not only passionate about their new creation but very excited to launch it, we asked why discount platforms? “It’s a tough job kicking a giants arse, you need long legs” was the reply. The implication is that some traction is required early from discounted sales, building from success is always going to be easier. There was mention of those giants, Expensify, Concur and the like, but the U-Expense team is far from dismissive of the quality of those systems, “they’re excellent, with far more integrations than us”. But U-Expense wanted to be simpler, better value and built for individual businesses, they say they’ve achieved that, now it’s over to the buyers.

Visit where they’ll give you the opportunity to build your own bespoke expenses system with no subscriptions.

Martin Parsons
[email protected]
Manchester, United Kingdom

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