An inspiring new startup has announced that they are seeking community support on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo for its Ergonomic Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Vests. These are specially designed compression garments which prevent or alleviate pain in the upper body. These vests can be easily and comfortably worn underneath the clothing and are highly practical and full of amazing health benefits.

Moreover, these garments provide pain relief for people who suffer from pain in the upper to lower back, shoulders, sides of the body, and upper arms, etc. However, for the upper arms pain, they are advised to use the short sleeves version of these vests. The startup is heavily relying on the support of the community and everyone is welcome to back this project on Indiegogo. Furthermore, these vests have been created for both men and women to ensure that both genders share the benefits of this amazing creation.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at:  and these vests are available for only a pledge of $69 with worldwide shipping through Indiegogo.

About This Project

Ergonomic Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Vests have been launched by an inspiring new startup that has created these specially designed vests with several great health benefits. These are compression garments that play a significant role in pain relief for several parts of the body including the lower back pain. The company has created these vests for both men and women and it is offering these vests for the pledges made on Indiegogo campaign with shipping around the world.

Contact Person: Marvin Harding
Company: Pain Relieving Vest Inc.
Address: 3 g pantley court, baltimore, MD - US
Phone: 4103351137
Email: [email protected]

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