Accademia Macelleria Italiana is celebrating its second year since its launch and has further built on its success and expansion. The graduates of our courses get so much demand that as soon as they get started on the course they can count on an opening or a job or apprenticeship which further leads to a secure employment within well-established companies in Italy.

Fresh and hot off the press is the start of a new collaboration with a prestigious company in the Tuscany region. Our best students will be sent there after the completion of their Macellaio Tradizionale course (traditional butcher course), in order to start a career through paid apprenticeship. Right in the middle of Tuscany hills, the most suitable of all possible locations is where the age-old butcher's craft meets the perfect environment. And it is there that our students will be able to put into practice the butchers' techniques.

We also have a brand new scheme for the students who graduate at the Accademia where they get awarded after graduating. Here is a brief explanation. L’Accademia Macelleria Italiana has a keen interest to promote and boost the spirit of initiative in the Italian butchery field. It is therefore leading its graduates to entrepreneurship. And this consists of the Diploma Award. The award is exclusive to all the graduates completing the course of study with a 10/10 score. This particular prize is therefore a further incentive to stimulate a high level of excellence and professionalism. The graduate will receive a complete design consultation free of charge by the design agency Mauri Arredamenti-Gruppo Valnova (leader in the market of commercial refrigerators production as well as tailor-made and personalized furnishings of high quality in the food industry.) The consultation will cover the design for custom-built concepts which the winning graduate will be free able to use for his own butcher shop or a future one. But this isn't the only prize for the new graduates! In fact, thanks to another sponsor of exception, namely the Tagliabene company, the best graduates will get a six months-free rental of a complete set of knives and sharpeners including sharpening and maintenance as well as a free trial on equipment such as meat grinders and slicing machines. Tagliabene, another historic brand established since 1920, was the first to introduce the innovative machine rental and knives sharpening system in Italy. Today Tagliabene counts over more than 15,000 customers throughout the country, employs more than 70 staff and maintains solid international relationships with a precise and trustworthy network of distribution.

Among all the courses offered by the Accademia Macelleria Italiana for professionals, there is also the Prima Coltella (First Cut) course and the Macellaio Cuoco [Butcher Chef] course. The former aims at teaching natural ready-made meals preparations, how to create the basics of marinated foods, meals in batter, full roasts and many more specialities. And the latest in terms of food preparations are ready-cooked such as finger food, tartare and Italian dressing... Mascarpone o Gorgonzola cheese with hazelnuts and meat in delicious mini tartare to serve as aperitifs... In short, the secrets of the 5-star Macelleria [Butcher shop] unveiled for you. The Macellaio Cuoco [Butcher Chef] course which allows the butcher to make the best use of the meat by giving extra service to the customer, by bringing Italian cooking in the realm of butchery with everything in regards to meat, as for example the fondo bruno, low-heat cooked meals, roasted sauces, etc. For those who want to start directly from the heart of it all, here's the one and only, inimitable Macellaio Gastronomico [Gastronomic Butcher] course.

It is the first and most complete course for beginners, where the art of deboning is coupled with the harmonious composition of sublime gourmet food, where to learn the basics of cutting and roulade making, meatballs, marinated preparations and stuffed rosticciane, including the more particular rabbit rosticciane and roasted beef rosticciane. It's the real deal to become an Italian butcher shop apprentice in short! The Macellaio Tradizionale [Traditional Butcher] course is the course that Chuck Norris would be choosing.

By all appearances, it is a course for the newbies who are at the front lines. In fact, it may well be directed at the beginner, not to the professional. But never judge a book by its cover! In fact, after dozens of hours spent deboning quarters of beef, pork loins, and cutting pieces of meat, if at the beginning of the course the new butchers may have looked cute...By the end their expression will become decisive with a sense of pride and their muscles will be all perky. While the expansion has been occurring in Italy, the number of foreign requests for the courses has increased exponentially. For this reason, the Accademia Macelleria Italiana (which so far has revealed the secrets of Italian butchery and has created the best gourmet butchers on the planet), has decided to open the door to students from abroad, completing the translation of the teaching materials in English. This way if you feel the strong urge to become a true Gourmet Butcher, a Hard Traditional Butcher, all you have to do is contact the l’Accademia Macelleria Italiana and wear their special customized anti-cut armor, which design is being completed in order to celebrate two years of a very creative Macelleria [Butchery] ever seen in the world.
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