announces the launch of their new website to promote merchant services, offer a wide range of online payment solutions and ensure clients choose the right merchant services account for them. Gone are the days when cash was the only payment method. These are the days of virtual money, shoppers want to use a wider variety of payment options such as debit or credit cards, eWallets, digital currency, PayPal and so on. It is important for businesses to be open to all kinds of payment options. If a customer has a pleasant shopping experience, there is every chance that he or she is going to go back to the store in the future. says, “In this day and age, every business must make it as easy as possible for people to make payment. Fewer and fewer companies are now cash only sales and people expect that they will be able to pay by card and that the business they are attempting to buy from will accept card payments.”

However, the industry is facing a major challenge when it comes to accepting payment via card. has found that many of the businesses that accept cards are often sold the wrong type of merchant account. Good merchant services include quick, flawless credit card processing and smooth electronic payment transactions. The services required can differ for different business types; fast food chains, retail stores, online retailers, hotels and shops may all have slightly different needs. Many businesses are wrongly advised by their merchant services company or they fail to find one that can offer them an appropriate merchant account. ACP offers these businesses free, independent and impartial advice.

An increasing number of businesses are establishing an online and mobile presence so adding cards to existing payment methods is becoming ever more important, without an online presence and mobile friendly website or app businesses may find they lose revenue. found that businesses who accept card payments can initially increase increase sales 20-25%. The ability to accept card payments can open a business up to new customers and revenue streams such as mail order, telephone and online sales.

From the cheapest card payment machines or card readers to PDQ machines, ACP offers a wide range of online payment solutions such as: Online CNP or Cardholder Not Present wherein the customers can pay for the products or services over the phone. Ecommerce payments can be accepted irrespective of the geographical barriers, time zones or even currency; countertop terminals and portable terminals offer fast and efficient card payment services; Mail & Telephone Orders or MOTO transactions.

The diverse range of merchant services available will help businesses by not only improving their sales off and online, it will also provide a safe and secure way to do business with an ever-growing customer base.

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About, is a company that helps businesses find the right card payment provider. They offer free, independent and impartial advices to retailers, finding the right card payment solutions for their respective businesses.

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