Access Logistics Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has received funding from their private investors for the purpose of expanding their cloud shipping infrastructure. The company that has been in the logistics industry for over a decade now is venturing into a Cloud Logistics which is a zero obligation and zero hassles logistics services. The logistics are now managed with the help of their software known as the Access Logistics Anywhere™. The software is designed for the online sellers who ship their goods from any or all the warehouses that are outsourced by Access Logistics. The online stores should not have any problem shifting to Access Logistics as the software supports any kind of order support system, automation of order placement, their shipping tariff and status of their inventory.

The orders can now be shipped and delivered faster wherein the company ensures that all the orders are shipped the same day. The strategic location of all the shipping agents allows them to deliver the goods to the customers both regional and international in just a few days. The software automatically decides on the best available option for transportation of goods, maintenance or packaging so as to deliver the goods in the best condition to any destination. The experienced analysts track the orders, the inventory as well as their supply chain which are conducted by Access Logistics either independently or through the forwarding agents.a

A single account with Access Logistics enables the online sellers to automate the entire process of order fulfillment. The orders can be routed to any warehouses managed by Access Logistics or to any Shipment Center as managed by the customers. The purchase orders and the inventories can be viewed in a detailed format. Wholesalers can now save big on their wholesale orders as the bulk handling is priced as low as the single items picks. Any pre-packed box is priced as a single item irrespective of how many items are in the box.

The Cloud Software is intelligently designed to help online sellers optimize and automate their logistics, offers them the tools that will help the sellers manage all their operations. The dedicated support team is always there is assist at any point of order processing. The online sellers can benefit from the on-demand logistics wherein they would pay for whatever they need and whenever they need it. The flexible monthly pricing allows sellers to avoid any long-term contracts with other logistics. Access Logistics also helps sellers with product returns, intelligent packaging as per the size of the product and with international transportation as well. The company is already working with over 50 online stores and the number is gradually increasing. They offer myriad number of tools for the developers which offer a variety of customization options.

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Access Logistics, Inc., based at Miami, Florida is a company that offers simple, smart and customizable logistics solutions for companies of any dimension.

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