3D Printing presents endless possibilities for small-scale manufacturing, product development and home enthusiasts. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is the sequential layering of material, usually plastic, based on computer instructions to construct a 3D object. Since 2013 Adelaide-based 3D printer retailer, 3D Printing Solutions has been building an enthusiastic online following and has now launched Adelaide’s first ever dedicated retail 3D Printer store.

“Until now there hasn’t been a dedicated 3D printing retail store for South Australians. One of the most important aspects for me is being able to talk with our customers and find the most suitable product for their needs. The ability to visit our showroom and store will enable more people to see first-hand what 3D Printing is really about,” says 3D Printing Solutions founder, Michael Tyson.

“The technology has moved beyond plastic trinkets, today 3D Printing is also being used for replacement parts, prototyping new inventions and even creating and manufacturing new products. It is exciting to be able to demonstrate to those attracted to this new technology the true possibilities of 3D Printing.”

3D printing appeals to a broad range of consumers including schools and educational institutions, entrepreneurs, prototypers, manufacturers, tradesmen and home enthusiasts. All see the revolutionary nature of 3D printing as a technology that will shape the future of business and manufacturing.

For a number of years, 3D Printing has seen a growing uptake among home hobbyists, modellers and the tech-savvy, Mr Tyson is now beginning to see the next wave of early-adopters in industry and manufacturing.

While 3D Printing Solutions has been retailing online via their website for a few years now, the opening of the retail store will allow customers to not only view the range of UP and Flashforge desktop 3D printers in person but see them in operation.

“We’re excited that Adelaide locals will be able to visit our new showroom and we look forward to seeing the gears in their head turning as they think about how 3D Printing could empower them." says Matt Tyson, 3D Printing Solutions Technician

The new retail store will also see 3D Printing Solutions launching a “Design and Print” service enabling outsourcing of design and manufacturing of bespoke plastic items. https://youtu.be/MtS0lumr-b8

“The ability to talk directly with an experienced 3D printer technician when making an investment in a new technology makes all the difference to finding the right solution. We only sell 3D Printers and plastic filament that we test and use ourselves.” says Mr. Tyson, “Our new retail store enables us to better support our customers needs and promote this promising new technology to an ever growing range of businesses and enthusiasts .“

For more information about 3D printers and store opening times visit http://www.3dprintingsolutions.com.au

About 3D Printing Solutions

3D Printing Solutions was established in 2013 by director Michael Tyson and has since launched an online store supporting and selling 3D printers to enthusiasts, businesses and educational institutions Australia-wide.

As a former marine technician Michael’s experience in designing and fabricating evolved into a passion for exploring new technologies. He has since been joined in the business by his son Matt and together they designed and demonstrated a 3D Printed prototype guitar which generated media attention around the globe.

3D Printing Solutions stocks Australia’s largest range of 3D printer plastic, including specialist Polymaker filaments for fast pickup or delivery, desktop 3D Printers by UP and Flashforge and professional-grade Raise3D Printers.

Media Contact:
Company: 3D Printing Solutions
Address: Unit 1 / 1265 Main North Road, Para Hills West, SA 5096, Australia
Phone: +61 8 8251 5400

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