Prefabricated modules and Modular buildings are prepared in factory halls in more than 80%. In those factories design and finishing elements or even some of the equipment are created. Modular elements always come in the form of cubes with several standard dimensions. The company delivers them to the construction site and installs them on prepared foundations. If the building is composed with several modules, there are the installation work associated with combining them together.
The most time-consuming and problematic construction processes are transferred to the factory. Therefore, the construction is carried out smoothly and quickly, regardless of the weather, under constant supervision and quality control. The modules are equipped with all the necessary installations, walls, doors, fully finished bathrooms, toilets or kitchen areas.
The main advantage of modular technology is its speed.

significant shortening of the construction of up to 80% by transferring most of the work to the factory

  • the possibility of building modules in factory during managing the construction site, installing footings, construction of roads, sidewalks, etc.
  • delivery to the construction site ready modules already equipped with all the facilities
  • efficient assembly at the construction site

Other advantages of modular construction:

  • elimination of problems associated with coordinating subcontractors
  • the manufacturing processes independent from weather conditions
  • high standard and quality
  • elimination of the problem of construction waste (especially dirt and noise)
  • possibility to expand the building with additional modules in the future
  • easy transfer of the building to another location

When it comes to a design of modular buildings, you can usually choose something from the manufacturer. Specific technology of buildings somewhat limits the variety of buildings but there are companies which offer several projects of buildings including houses, offices or sport facilities but only some companies offers possibility of adapting a project created by a customer.

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