ADZbuzz, a decentralized social network with its own crypto currency called ADZcoin has added new trading pairs. This gives traders more options in crypto currencies exchange.

Adzbuzz has added new trading pairs in their trading platform. While announcing this, the company representative could not hide his excitement. He said this move gives traders more options in crypto currencies exchange. The addition of the new pairs has been described as a one step closer to becoming more beneficial trading platform for the traders. Currently members are earning one hundred percent rebate on trading fee and referrers are earning fifty percent, something that the company representative said should make the traders capitalize on the opportunity and accumulate more bonus credits for the period that the rebate lasts.

“We will keep on adding more pairs , this will give the traders more options, we aim at providing the best offers to traders,” said the company representative while encouraging traders take advantage of the newly added trading pairs as well as be on the lookout for more new pairs in the near future.

Adzbuzz Exchange also gives the traders a chance to vote for the coins that they would like to add on the exchange. This according to the company representative is part of involving the traders and making Adzbuzz Exchange the most responsive and profitable crypto currencies exchange platform.

Some of the recently added pairs include :









To achieve the milestone and providing value to their customers, ADZbuzz has been relying on a highly experienced team. The team has achieved a task that most would not match, building the crypto environment inside a social network. They describe the process as highly educative and inspiring especially when they put operational and security elements which allow seamless and secure trading.

ADZbuzz is a place where you will love starting your daily internet journey, come discover interesting content, socialize with friends and trade in crypto currencies,”said the company representative while inviting new and old traders to start their journey with ADZbuzz exchange.

About Adzbuzz

Adzbuzz is a social content discovery platform with a built-in RSS reader. In the platform publishers are able to increase their followers and readers for the content as well as receive daily crypto rewards. The platform has been in operation for close to three years and now it includes a host of features that allows it to compete with already established social media networks. ADZbuzz has a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, online business specialist and a large network of volunteers. ADZbuzz exchange is a project at the heart of ADZbuzz, the platform has been built and tested for performance and security. The platform aims at bridging the gap between mainstream publishers and the cryptocurrency world.

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