29, July 2017: The challenges posed to elderly loved ones living at home may be daunting, but there are ways that they can easily maintain their independence, stay safe and prevent accidents at the same time.

About 10,000 baby boomers retire each day in the USA, and while some may decide to relocate to an elder care facility, others choose to adapt their homes for enjoyment into their golden years. A large part of aging in place is ensuring that everything is within reach and easy to use. Here are some ideas that can help you prepare to age well in your home.

Ageing in Place Home Remodeling, Home Improvements, Modifications and Repairs

Ageing in place home remodeling can range from simple changes such as replacing doorknobs with pull handles and installing a wheelchair ramps. Major structural projects can include a full kitchen remodel or a new bathroom construction. Marc Gieselmann, head of HK Construction in San Diego CA, cautions family members who are preparing a home for elder care to consider these five criteria when selecting a home construction professional to meet your specific needs.

Family Values Make sure the home remodel contractor you choose shares your same high values concerning elder care and the well being of elderly family members. For example, Marc Gieselmann, the owner and founder of HK Construction, built his business in a way that his mother would be proud of. And he raised his kids to be happy, healthy and well adjusted productive adults.

HK Construction has been a community leader in San Diego since the early 1990's. From charity work caring for military families in need at Camp Pendleton and Mira Mar Naval Airbase to sponsoring local Little League softball teams for the kiddies, it is clear that Marc cares about all the wonderful people in his home city of San Diego, CA.

Honest Contractor I will bet you felt offended by the lies of contractors. So, have many other good people. There are a lot of shady characters in the field of general contracting. They make a good reputable contractor hard to find. If you are reading this right now and nodding your head 'yes' then that means you are looking for someone who is honest and of value.

Moreover, I'll bet you are looking forward to finding a San Diego contractor (or a local contractor in your area) who has your best interests at heart; someone who has a strong desire to do their very best for you.

For example, Gieselmann does very little advertising for his company HK Construction. This is because many of his new customers find HIM. Most of his new clients come from word of mouth referrals. His very best clients are friends and neighbors of people he has remodeled for in the past. His clients are so thrilled with his home remodeling service they are more than happy to refer him and his company to their loved ones.

Care and Genuine Concern for Others Imagine the sense of joy and pure elation as your elderly loved one steps into their newly remodeled home, seeing how great everything looks and how safe they feel in their new environment. Their home is important to them, so that means it is important to you too. And it's important to Gieselmann too. Whether you live in Poway, San Diego or anywhere in the greater San Diego area, HK Construction is happy to perform all the professional ageing in place home remodeling services that you need, easily and effortlessly.

Fast Service (within the scope of reason) Can you recall a horror story about a contractor who started on a job, tore it all apart, and then disappeared with all the money never to be heard from again? Leaving the poor customer in a lurch and stressed to the hilt about what to do next? It is a sad fact that happens to people who do not properly research and vet a general contractor before inviting them into their home AND then paying them astoundingly large sums of money upfront. (More on research and vetting in next point)

Marc Gieselmann is deeply involved with every one of his company's projects. He will follow things through every step of the way from preplanning to the completion walk through. Thanks to his wealth of experience in construction and remodeling, Marc and his team will complete the job in a reasonable timely fashion. With minimal disruption to your daily life others have claimed they hardly knew when they were there. Marc and his faithful crew are in this business for the long haul.

Diligent Research & Vetting Ask for and check references! If the prospective contractor does not have any, refuses to give you references from previous customers or worse yet they have hundreds of bad reviews online then please hang up the phone or show them the door as quickly as possible. Even if they have a smooth talking salesman with the best prices and they promise you the moon and the stars when you use their service. Do yourself a favor and just say NO to them.

When you finally choose HK Construction as your home remodel contractor you will feel so good knowing you did all your diligent research and came to the right informed decision. You waded through the murky waters of all the dizzying choices of contractors down to the right clear choice for you.

"Even if you are nowhere near retiring, it is important to make a plan. When it comes to aging in place, it makes sense to have the fixes complete before you need them," said Gieselmann. He believes that when selecting an ageing in place contractor it is also important to determine if the prospective contractor is sensitive to the emotional stresses that owners and elder residents can feel during construction.

He further stressed that "you should feel free to ask questions before hiring, and trust your instincts. A good rapport with your chosen builder is an important ingredient in surviving, and even enjoying, the remodeling process."


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