Bliss Innovations receives #1 New Release Badge in Reading and Bedrest Pillows on their newly released Keen Edge Home Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow.

A proud family owned and operated online supplier of premium homeware, patio and garden products, Bliss Innovations launched its Tall Size Reading Pillow early in October.  These Tall Size Pillows are fast gaining popularity by people of all ages who are enjoying the extra back support while relaxing at home, and has just been awarded the highly sought-after Number One New Release Badge in the Reading and Bedrest Pillows by Amazon. “We are delighted at how well our new product release is going with our Reading Pillow on Amazon and the tremendous feedback coming in from our customers,” says Beth Hill, Company spokesperson for Bliss Innovations.

Only the second product in its new premium homeware range, Keen Edge Home, this Tall Size Reading Pillow is fast gaining popularity with both males and females and of all ages.  “This popularity is being fuelled by the extra design elements incorporated into this pillow which is making it a must have for the upcoming holiday season,” reports Beth Hill.  “These extra design elements include: an extra 2 inches height than most other brands, durable fabric that can easily be spot cleaned, a removable cover that can be machine washed, a convenient carry handle that enables easy transport about the home, a plush ‘velvety feel’ outer cover that is smooth to touch which is an elegant vanilla color chosen to ensure it works with most modern and traditional home décor.”

“There is a limited time discount during the launch period in October to show off our new release,” says Beth Hill.

In the words of one happy customer, “This is the perfect pillow for studying or just watching TV! This pillow is constructed with down alternative, and has the perfect firmness when you are sitting up and leaning against it. Sitting up against pillows can be awkward, but this gives you the perfect amount of back and arm support. There is even a removable cover that you can take off to wash! There is even a handle to carry it around which is rather convenient.”

About Bliss Innovations
Bliss Innovations is a family owned and operated online supplier of premium homeware products that offer innovative and contemporary designs for its customers.  The company is committed to bringing its customers the best quality products that deliver on performance, durability and affordability in combination with impeccable customer service.

For further information contact:
Beth Hill, Home Edge Home Representative
[email protected]

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