Tampa, FL – The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA), today announced a partnership with H. D. Smith, a national pharmaceutical wholesaler dedicated to the success of community pharmacies.

The partnership allows APPA members access to H. D. Smith’s full product line, including its formulary of 9,000 generic Rx items.

APPA members will also build on their already successful businesses through H. D. Smith’s consultant-style account management.

“We are thrilled about this partnership as we believe our members will truly benefit from the vast range of services and products H. D. Smith offers,” says Brandon Welch, APPA President.

H. D. Smith is a healthcare distribution company with locations across the United States. It provides full-line distribution of brand, generic and specialty drugs, as well as other services for manufacturers and health care providers.

“We have a unique offering to the community pharmacy market, and especially buying groups who partner with us,” says Bob Appleby, president, H. D. Smith. “As a wholly owned subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen, we can offer pharmacies the H. D. Smith experience we are known for, with additional access to the resources of AmerisourceBergen.”

Currently, APPA provides its members with an array of benefits including creating a complimentary group purchasing concierge service that helps independent pharmacies with their purchasing needs, including CE credits to an employee discount benefit, solutions for serving specialty pharmacy patients and advocacy on legislative issues.

“APPA member benefits extend beyond the significant savings we provide through our group purchasing services. While group purchasing is at the core of what we do, APPA is committed to offering additional value to help our members grow and excel,” Welch adds.

H. D. Smith customers include retail and specialty pharmacies, long-term care facilities, institutional and hospital systems, and independent physicians and clinics.

APPA on the other hand, is a community of pharmaceutical experts and professionals dedicated to the recognition and advancement of the specialized industry of pharmaceutical purchasing. The APPA community is comprised of but not limited to:

• Pharmacy buyers, Independent Pharmacy Owners
• Pharmacists
• Pharmacy Technicians
• Distributors
• Wholesalers
• Government Purchasers
• Non-Profit Private Purchasing Companies
• And other dedicated and experience professionals involved in purchasing

“This is indeed a valuable partnership as our goal is to support our members across the spectrum of best business practices. And all of these programs are value-adds, meaning APPA members have direct access to the opportunities,” Welch concludes.

For more information about the APPA Buying group “Group Purchasing Solutions” (GPS) go to: http://joinappa.com/Group-Purchasing

About H. D. Smith
H. D. Smith is among the largest national pharmaceutical wholesalers, with services and solutions for manufacturers and healthcare providers. Focused on the success of community pharmacies, H. D. Smith provides a complete line of prescription, over-the-counter and home healthcare products, and a wide array of business solutions, for pharmacies across the U.S. The company has distribution facilities in all major markets. H. D. Smith also operates distribution companies Smith Medical Partners and Valley Wholesale Drug. Visit hdsmith.com for more information.

About American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance
The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance is a leading pharmacy purchasing association dedicated to serving the needs of its members through education, networking, and the delivery of a unified voice for all participants in the pharmacy purchasing industry. Through ongoing collaboration, our alliance creates an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and information, increases productivity through new technology, and furthers legislation designed to benefit our industry. For more information, visit http://www.joinappa.com

In you are looking for effective and efficient pharmaceutical purchasing strategies that will conform to health care reforms and new hospital and health systems, then join APPA at: https://joinappa.com/Join-us

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