Tampa, FL – Brandon K. Welch. President of American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA), today launched an e-book titled PBM Mafia.

The PBM Mafia e-book is aimed at informing Independent pharmacy owners, pharmacist, patients and anybody within the healthcare industry including the public on what really goes on with PBMs and how this directly affects the industry.

“This book will inform people on issues that face independent pharmacy owners and the emphasis we need to place on developing solutions,” says Welch.

“I’ve noticed an increasing amount of legal drug cartels over the past few years that has had a catastrophic effect in the independent pharmacy space. I believe independents should have the right to compete fairly in a free and lawful marketplace. If we look at what independent pharmacies do for the community, it’s almost a no brainer to want to help keep them in business,” he explains.

APPA’s goal is to keep members abreast of the latest developments and news in the pharmaceutical industry as well as offering educational opportunities for professional growth and empowerment.

“You can’t truly be an independent pharmacy by being a dependent pharmacy. APPA members will directly benefit from this book if they join forces to speak collectively with one voice and a big stick,” Welch says.

In this book, Brandon poses these questions:
Why do prices of drugs continue to increase despite health care reforms?
Are pharmacy benefit managers really helping the pharmaceutical industry and end consumers?
Or are they the main reason why drug prices are becoming uncontrollable?

“This book will shock readers how pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are actually the nation’s largest legal cartels,” Welch adds.

In addition, some of the controversial issues tackled in this book include:
PBM Clawbacks: The Hidden Scam
The Misery of DIR Fees
Discounts, Rebates and Kickbacks

“My heart and passion lies with small business owners and It’s my duty to help continue to be a voice for the independent pharmacy realm,” Welch concludes.

The PBM Mafia book will be available on joinappa.com in May 2018 and will cost .99 cents.

“This e-book is truly an eye-opener for everybody concerned. Certainly, a must read!” states Joshua Pirestani, founder of the APPA.

About Brandon Welch
As the president of APPA, Mr. Welch has several years of experience working in the pharmacy industry with a variety of skills working in retail pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, compounding pharmacy, pharmacy sales, retail banking, commercial banking, group purchasing & negotiating.  His goal is to build long-lasting relationships within the pharmaceutical community.

About American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance
The American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance is a leading pharmacy purchasing association dedicated to serving the needs of its members through education, networking, and the delivery of a unified voice for all participants in the pharmacy purchasing industry. Through ongoing collaboration, our alliance creates an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and information, increases productivity through new technology, and furthers legislation designed to benefit our industry. For more information, visit http://www.joinappa.com

In you are looking for effective and efficient pharmaceutical purchasing strategies that will conform to health care reforms and new hospital and health systems, then join APPA at: https://joinappa.com/Join-us

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