Traverse City, MI – American Tax Service, a leading Tax Information website is pleased to announce it just published an informative article that explains everything taxpayers need to know about the IRS Form 1040A. The article sheds more light on the main differences between the Form 1040 and Form 1040A, what the form 1040A is and the best way to complete it.

Taxpayers looking to file their personal federal income tax returns have a choice of three different versions: the original Form 1040, the shorter Form 1040A, or the very simple 1040EZ. While all taxpayers can use form 1040, there are restrictions as to which taxpayers can use form 1040A. The 1040A limits the income and adjustments that can be reported and does not include wages, salaries & tips, interest & dividends, capital gains, IRA unemployment, and pension & annuity distributions. This limitation is what makes the Form 1040A shorter.

Taxpayers filing the 1040A form will also have to list their exemptions and select a filing status before they can report their income. This is because each filing status has different tax brackets for calculating income. They will also be able to deduce their taxable income on the second page of the form by subtracting their standard deduction and exemptions from their AGI.

The American Tax Service understands that some taxpayers are quite confused as to which version of the personal federal income tax forms they are to file and as such have provided all the info they will need in making a decision. For more information, please visit,

The tax website also recommends that taxpayers file with H&R Block Online this tax season so they can get a clear sight of the tax benefits they will receive. H&R Block will ask only simple questions to fill in the proper form, allowing users get the deductions and tax credits they qualify for, leading to the largest refund possible.

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