Best-selling and award-winning Israeli author Ilan Sheinfeld is facing a real hard time as a member of the LGBT community in the Jewish State of Israel. The author is known for his books such as ‘Jewish Pirate’s Wife’ and ‘A Tale of a Ring’. Ilan is now seeking financial support by launching a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to raise funds for his upcoming projects. According to the ilan, it is very difficult for a single parent of twins like himself, who lives in Israel, to write and make a life.

“The state of Israel prevents LGBT people from starting a family in Israel, thus forcing us to go through expensive surrogacy in foreign countries and take on immense financial risks.” Said Ilan Sheinfeld while talking about his life. Besides being an award winning author, he is also a longtime LGBT rights activist and his bank debts are now totaling around $72,000.

“As a published author, the gap I feel between the books that want to be written through me, and the reality of my life, is impossible to maintain.” Said Ilan while talking about his hardships. “During the past six years I worked extremely hard, but the combined financial burden of being a single parent, having two young twins, and all the regular living expenses that life is made of, is too heavy for any single parent to cope with alone.” He added.

Sheinfeld is therefore appealing to his readership and the general public to help him in raising $72,000. This will allow him to dedicate his time to finishing three new novels and his long-awaited book about fatherhood, based on his popular blog. He also intends to turn his novels into a TV series and films.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and Ilan is welcoming all his readers and supporters to help him raise this money in order for him to get back at his desk. All funds raised through this project will help the best-selling author produce more masterpieces. More details about the project are available on the Indiegogo campaign page.

About This Project

Ilan Sheinfeld is a renowned bestselling as well as an award-winning author from Israel who is also a father of twins and a LGBT activist. Being a gay single father is really hard in Israel and the author is under a very heavy debt from the bank. Therefore, he is welcoming everyone to help him in getting out of this debt and getting back at his desk to produce more amazing work.

Contact Person: Ilan Sheinfeld
Company: Ilan Sheinfeld
City: Tuva
Country: Israel
Phone: 972522300098
Email: [email protected]

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