There aren’t many websites out there that offer as much information on home and garden as Homyden. Homyden has been featuring on the like of Gardening Know How, and is full of articles designed to help homeowners create their ideal home and garden.

What You Can Find on Site

On Homyden you’ll find a number of tabs, including:

- Home improvement
- Gardening
- Landscaping

You can learn just about anything from browsing these tabs, from how to get silly putty out of the carpet to selecting the best weed eater. Chances are, you’ll find something extremely useful to you while browsing Homyden.

At the moment, Homyden’s main focus is gardening. Whatever you want to know about gardening and whatever level you’re at right now, you can learn something from Homyden. Here are the following tabs you’ll find in the Gardening section to help you find your way:

- Container gardening
- Flower gardens
- Fruit gardens
- Herb gardens
- Ingredient gardens
- Pest and disease control
- Vegetable gardens

All of the above things can be difficult to get started with alone, but with the help of Homyden, you can become a pro at what you’re doing in no time. Growing your own flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs can not only make your garden beautiful and fragranced; it can make it more useful too. There’s nothing like tucking into vegetables and herbs that you’ve lovingly grown yourself.

Write for Homyden

It’s also possible for home and garden enthusiasts to write for Homyden. If you have an expertise of home improvement, gardening, or landscaping, then your writing could be featured on Homyden. You can fill out a form with the relevant information or send an email to the Homyden team. You will need to explain what you are writing about and why you would like to write for Homyden before you will be considered.

Finding out the type of content that is accepted is simple and can be found on site. Homyden will accept things like tutorials and reviews, as well as quick tips and regular articles. If you enjoy writing in this area and you have a good level of skill, chances are, Homyden will accept you.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas, or simply browse the site to learn something new!

Company: Homyden Team
Address: Cuong Nguyen 386/4 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 14, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam
Phone: +84933772271
Email: [email protected]

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