Brad and Effie Stees are a dedicated couple committed to preserve the fun and memories of Old Town Spring, Texas and one of their inspiring initiatives in this cause is to open a Prohibition Era Bar in town. The couple is now seeking community support for this cause on the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone to generously support this cause.

This all new bar will be all about high quality Texas wines, Prohibition Era Cocktails and good cognac. In addition, it will focus on friendships, good drinks, impeccable service, with a twist of old town charm, authentic prohibition cocktails and Texas Wines. All funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo will play a significant doors in opening the doors of this bar for the residents and tourists by October, 2017.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and everyone is welcome to pledge and donate for this inspiring cause for the great town of Old Town Spring, Texas. Supporters can back this campaign by making pledges of $300 or $350 not only to contribute in this project but also to claim perks including Prohibition Era Glass with a logo or Prohibition Texas T-Shirts as a reward.

About Prohibition Texas

Prohibition Texas is an inspiring initiative of the two Texans who are determined and committed to restore the culture, glory and wine of the great Old Town Spring, Texas. They are now seeking community support on Indiegogo and they are welcoming everyone to support this bar that will bring the great wines and smiles back to town.

Contact Person: Bradley Stees
Company: Prohibition Texas
Address: 17822 High Creek Dr, Spring, TX - US
Phone: 832-364-9723
Email: [email protected]

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