The Director of the Indian movie Gadar Anil Sharma was recently in news for claiming that his movie is far more superior to the likes of Bahubali 2 in terms of Box Office. It’s true that we cannot compare the 2 films as there is a Gap of almost 17 Years in their release dates.

Bahubali 2 which grossed over Rs. 1600 crores is clearly the biggest Indian movie right now. But the Box Office Collection of Gadar in 2001 were 60 crores, which even after adjusting inflation amounts to only 700 crores. But after it was pointed out by the Director that the no. of theatres in 2001 were 1/10th of 2017 it was evident what he wanted to say.

So it makes sense that if Gadar Release today in 2017, it would have collected 10 times more than its original collections.

There are many reasons for expecting the mammoth figure from the Movie. Gadar was a sensation in 2001. It celebrated a Golden Jubilee at the box office. It broke the box office records set by Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Kuch Kuch Hota Hai by a Distance.

It then went to the top of the list of best Bollywood romantic movies . Gadar didn’t just succeed as a film. It gave a boost to the careers of all the actors associated with the film. Sunny Deol became one of the most well-known faces of Indian Film Industry. Actress Ameesha Patel was rewarded with big budget Bollywood movies with top directors. The rest is all History.


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