In the field of encrypted digital currency, mining has always been a hot topic. As long as you own a mining machine, you can "turn stones into gold" and realize huge benefits. Especially during the cryptocurrency bull market, whether it is the current shortage of graphics cards and hard drives on the market, or the delivery time of mining machine orders that have been scheduled for the coming year, all reflect people's pursuit of this wealth and opportunity. So what will become the first choice of miners for mining in the future? I think it is Bill Code! Limited by the natural defects of the POW consensus chain, Bitcoin mining requires a huge base of computing power. At present, there is no professional mining machine equipment that has been used for Bitcoin mining. At the same time, maintaining Bitcoin mining requires a large amount of consumption. The monopoly of electricity and electricity has caused the endogenous economic system of Bitcoin mining to no longer expand. The cost of mining for miners has exceeded the revenue of mining, and the income and expenditures are not balanced. In short, unless there is a strong capital base, it is almost impossible for ordinary people to enter Bitcoin mining at this time. The BILL Code project has surpassed Bitcoin since its inception. Bill Code uses the node's local hard disk as a consensus participant and issues incentive encryption economic tokens based on the CPoC: Conditioned Proof Of Capacity mechanism. It can significantly reduce energy consumption and entry barriers, make cryptocurrency mining safer and more decentralized, and provide safe storage and mining needs for everyone. BILL mining does not require a high-performance dedicated mining machine, only a hard disk with high storage space. Through the previous comparison, the P disk speed of Bill Code is six times that of Chia mining, which greatly improves the efficiency of mining and reduces the cost of mining! And Bill code has very low requirements for the configuration of the mining machine, so everyone can mine.
In addition to the CPoC mining mechanism, Bill Code will also open a unique liquidity mining mechanism. Liquid mining means that users can use their own BILL to pledge for mining. You only need to pledge a portion of BILL to mine more BILL rewards online, which is similar to receiving deposit interest from a bank. Therefore, as long as you are a participant of BILL, even if you don't have BILL mining equipment, you can join the mining pool of liquid mining. According to the distribution mechanism, it can be seen that the CPoC mining mechanism produces 50 pieces BILL every 10 minutes, while the liquid mining pool produces 40 pieces BILL every 10 minutes. Remove the hardware technical barriers, when the participation of liquid mining is high, compare the mining output of the two, it is not difficult to find that the two will form a virtuous circle of mutual incentives between the mining pool and the market, which will also ensure that the miners Sustainability of mining. The CPoC mining + liquidity mining method will not only be the best way to balance the output of the mining area and the BILL currency market, it will also be the basis for all participants to build a mining pool and conduct BILL mining together.

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