A jewelry gift company in the US looks set to become extremely popular during the next few months thanks to their range of innovative products. Customers can send a photograph that the specialists then turn into luxurious items everyone will love. With the rise of smartphones, people are taking more photos than ever before, and that’s why this company will become a household name in 2017. Every member of the team is 100% dedicated to providing the highest-quality items on the market.

The company uses advanced technologies like 3D printing to turn any photograph into a work of art. These popular products come in plastic, stainless steel, gold, and silver. So, they’re far from cheap creations people might find elsewhere. The guys from this firm work with digital manufacturers Shapeways. Those experts ensure every product they design meets the highest standards. Indeed, anyone with interest just needs to check their website to learn more.

It’s never been easier to turn a photo into a 3D printed pendant , and that’s why this brand is going from strength to strength. Most products are shipped to the customer after six to eight days. So, they’re perfect for anyone who overlooked a special occasion and needs something suitable at the last minute. Prices start at just $6.99 for plastic pendants, so there is something to suit every budget. Best of all? These guys offer free shipping with code “freeshippingembe” and won’t inflate prices after people make their purchase.

The customer service staff working for Embe work hard to ensure all buyers have a smile on their faces. Anyone with an issue just needs to contact them via the website for advice. Regardless of the problem, they will strive to provide the best information and resolve the matter. In the unlikely event that someone feels unhappy with their product, they just need to let the team know straight away. The company offers a generous money-back guarantee on all purchases. They are also open to all feedback because it helps them to improve their services.

To learn more about the photo-based jewelry offered by this brand, visit their website today. There’s a link within the text of this press release, and it’s also repeated below. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is often difficult, but Embe offers a solution that’s both exciting and affordable. Also, there is always someone around to offer suggestions, advice, and guidance.

Pieter Limburg
Company: Embe
Address: New York, NY
Phone: 9174605440
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.embe.io

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