An appeal to the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals is asking the judges there to overturn decisions by a lower court and send the case back to the lower courts in front of another judge.

John F. Marchisotto filed the appeal for a variety of reasons, chief of which is the court system and those working for the court conspired against him to deny his rights.

Mr. Marchisotto is a retired New York City police department sergeant.

"I personally always treated people properly, and professionally, in my career in law enforcement, and never abused my authority, or power against anyone,” he said.

The way he was treated by the New Jersey court system was not equitable, not legal and against the provisions guaranteed in the Constitution.

"I am hoping to make changes in a very broken judicial system. Pro se litigants, should be treated fairly, and not be abused by state, and federal court judges, police, prosecutors, and other officials who enjoy abusing their authority or powers," he said. "The judicial system should be helping Pro se litigants rather than trying to hurt them. NJ Courts make it almost impossible for a non-attorney to succeed."

“NJ Superior Court Judge’s, Margaret Goodzeit, and Alberto Rivas “Abused their Authority” “Rigged” manipulated, and controlled by deceptive or dishonest means. This is what they do to Pro se litigants. “The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct is an useless organization put in place to appease the public,’ he said.

His appeal says in part, "A jury trial was also demanded by Appellant, and the district court was only interested in dismissing his complaint against the high-profile state and judicial defendants."

In his appeal, Mr. Marchisotto says Judge Margaret Goodzeit, and Judge Rivas “Abused their Authority”, improperly “rigged” and dismissed his entire case they heard.

Among other things, Mr. Marchisotto said another District Court judge should have recused himself because of a previous relationship with one of the defendants. “The Chief Justice was his boss, and accelerated his career, and someone who he would be very loyal to. It is the simple basis that humans develop relationships with people they work with and for,“ he said.

By taking his case to the Third Circuit court, he said this sends a message to the court system in New Jersey. He also hopes the cease will bring needed reforms to the courts.

"I am one of a few Pro se’s that has the privilege, to bring my appeal before the 2nd highest court in the land. I hope my voice will pave the way to a better future for all other Pro se litigants that could not get their voice heard," he said. "The New Jersey Courts are very poorly run, and it’s time for change and new leadership."

He also objects to the "judicial immunity" judges like to use when someone threatens to sue.

"If a judge does something wrong form the bench, something has to be done. Unfortunately in New Jersey, it seems the entire judicial branch covers up for each other. Bad judges are allowed to stay put and can continue to hand down miscarriages of justice.

For more information, including a copy of the full appeal, contact Mr. Marchisotto at [email protected] .

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Pro Se Appellant
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Jackson, NJ 08527
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