San Francisco Bay Area digital strategy agency Apprit Technology Group has entered in a strategic partnership with David Dhillon Strategies.  The political strategy consulting firm is based in El Centro, California. “We are pleased to partner with Apprit Technology Group”, said David Dhillon, the founder and managing director of the firm whose experience in government began at the early age of twenty three when he was elected councilman for the City of El Centro. He served on the council for sixteen years and later became the Mayor of the city. Mr. Dhillon’s firm specializes in polling, governmental affairs, political campaigns, lobbying, and public relations. By partnering with Apprit, Mr. Dhillon’s political strategy firm would be able to offer digital services for the firm’s clients such as digital strategy for political campaigns, brand positioning, targeted messaging, online communications, email marketing and social media strategy.

Apprit Technology Group is a leading website development and digital marketing agency in San Francisco Bay Area. Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables them to effectively compete online. Apprit was started by few computer science students to address the digital challenges faced by small businesses who were shutting their doors because of their inability to compete on a growing digital landscape. Since the times have changed significantly the way business was conducted just few decades ago, Apprit helps businesses to create a digital strategy which enables the businesses to effectively compete online. Apprit's core philosophy is to help small business owners. Through the partnership, Apprit would be able to expand its services to political candidates running for office. Apprit professionals have background in engineering and business which helps them to build products and provide services that benefits their clients.

Ravi Sodhi
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Dublin, California, USA
Ph: 415 592 6600

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