Bangalore, India - Bangalore-based Aritic announces the launch of marketing automation tool for B2B businesses across the globe. B2B businesses are steadily adopting marketing automation tools to enhance their marketing efforts. As a result, highly advanced tools are making way into the market. It is the new-age way to acquire leads, nurture them and convert them into paid users with minimalistic human intervention. Businesses are opting for marketing automation tools to analyse their overall performance, get detailed competitor analysis, and a comprehensive workflow.

Aritic announces its marketing automation tool to enable B2B businesses to take their marketing efforts to a larger scale. It includes features such as:

- Responsive landing pages
- Smart forms
- Advanced email campaigns
- List segmentation
- Email categories
- Static and dynamic lists
- Smart autoresponders
- Website tracking
- Engagement and lead scoring
- Push notification campaigns

Apart from these, the marketing automation tool also provides a host of integrations with social media platforms and CRMs. Businesses can easily integrate their own CRM with the tool.

Businesses can micro-target their customers seamlessly, and run campaigns for them. Aritic marketing automation lets businesses to narrow down customers based on several factors like location, gender, online behaviour, and so on. Businesses can get a detailed customer analysis, segregate them into several lists, and target each list separately.

Businesses can micro-target their customers with Dynamic content as well. Customers will see exactly what they are looking for. According to each customer’s browsing pattern and history, location, and other such details, the content will be modified and essentially personalized.

The marketing automation tool also allows businesses to profile their customers. Businesses often profile their customers to increase the conversion rates. B2B businesses can use smart personalized forms to do this.

Aritic marketing automation tool function on an open-source platform. This gives ample scope for businesses to leverage the potential of this tool. Since it has multiple features and integrations, Aritic marketing automation tool is robust. It is compatible with all devices. Aritic MA tool also has some exclusive features only for B2B businesses

Account-based marketing: Businesses can narrow dow their target customers and design marketing campaign solely for those customers. Based on customer requirements, businesses can create highly personalized campaigns and convert them into sales.

Audit Logs: A detailed audit log identifying all the investments, campaign performance, services, and so on. Businesses can get an overview of all the services they have used, invoices or bills, tool performance, and everything else in this audit log feature.

Other product features include:

- SMS campaigns
- Auto Response on landing page
- 1 on 1 email and SMS
- Single sign on
- Team Management
- Kiosk mode
- Gated video
- Marketing messages through emails, SMS, and push notifications
- Developer support
- Dedicated Account Representative
- Uptime SLA

Along with these, B2B businesses can get support and training services, while personalized training is chargeable on a per hour basis. Other add-on services include:

- Onsite on-boarding
- Partner inbound success training
- Designated technical and campaign support
- Priority Access
- Custom consulting
- Fundamental training to build an inbound campaign

The tool is designed to suit a B2B business of any size. It has its core functionality in helping B2B businesses create a brand awareness, connect with their customers and build a personalized relationship with them. It enables businesses to conduct marketing efforts on a large scale. Aritic marketing automation tool catalyzes Optimised marketing efforts for B2B businesses. It has a comprehensive feature-set that promises a remarkable experience for any and every B2B business. Aritic MA is built keeping in mind the minute details of building a strong lead nurturing, and that is exactly what a B2B business will need.

Know more about the product in details from their website:

Aman Chaurasia, Media Relations
Company: Aritic Marketing Automation
Address: DataAegis Software Pvt. Ltd., 340 S Lemon Ave # 9009, Walnut, CA 91789, United States
Phone: +91-9713117950
Email: [email protected]

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