April 9, 2020 - Meli Biró visual artist, who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of vaccine research and development wishes to support the development of a COVID19 vaccine with her Falcon of Hope movement. As a first step to support the movement she created her Falcon of Hope collection. The collection includes 34 artworks that are available for download from melibiro.com. The artist contributes her royalties from the sales of this collection to the vaccine research.

The aim is to get people interested in joining this movement without the price being an obstacle while retaining the quality of the artworks the same in a digital form allowing everyone to print or use them on electronic devices. Therefore the artworks are available in full resolution for a fraction of the usual price.

Our best chance to stop the pandemic as fast as possible is by helping the work of vaccine researchers. Vaccine development is a long, complex and expensive process, testing takes time and needs huge financial backing. As numbers show the process can cost $500 million or more assuming no risk of failure.

Research studies proved that there are many positive effects of even viewing art that we can benefit from in these troubled times, therefore the artist provided a wide range of artworks people can choose from. Even though the main focus of this movement is supporting vaccine research the artist is taking into account other factors of the present situation, this is the reasoning behind her choice of creating a special art collection for this cause as a primary form of gaining support.

The artist urges the world to unite and stand up against the pandemic by contributing to vaccine research. The power to change the situation is in our hands. Meli Biró believes that together we are stronger and if we have the chance to defeat the coronavirus we have to take it. Now, by doing so, we are able to benefit from all the good things art has to offer.

Picasso created “Dove of Peace” that became a symbol of peace and hope during the Cold War. In that style, these are the days when we need courage, strength and speed; these are the exact traits a falcon embodies, the fastest animal on Earth. This majestic bird is Horus, the falcon god of the sky and war, the protector, the son of the goddess of health and love. Inspired by the falcon’s characteristics, what they mean and meant in the past Meli Biró created the Falcon of Hope art piece that grew into a collection. May the Falcon of Hope represent us as we take matters into our hands overcoming the pandemic and be the symbol of the fight against the coronavirus. We are in this together and we are needed in this different kind of war.

Spread the word, spread your wings!

About the artist

Having originally worked for an international vaccine development company, Meli Biró became a self-taught artist after discovering her passion and unique talent for the arts. Her fusion-art creations are representations of oil painting, photography and digital revamping.

Meli Biró’s works have been exhibited around the world such as in Paris, Budapest, Salzburg, Dubai and Monaco.

Follow Meli Biró on Instagtram: @meli_biro_art

Visit https://melibiro.com/collections/hope-edition for more information about the Falcon of Hope movement.



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project manager
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