Atlanta, GA - Atlanta law firm, KPPB Law , provides comprehensive consultations for construction contractors. The highly-experienced and skilled construction attorneys at KPPB Law offer their expertise to construction contractors who are seeking legal assistance with project planning, contracts, and construction claims and disputes. In order to best serve individual needs, the construction attorneys at KPPB Law will conduct thorough and attentive consultations with construction contractors in order to yield the most precise and personalized construction law services.

KPPB Law has been providing a wide range of legal services to a wide range of clients since 2003. Collectively, their attorneys offer over 10 decades of professional experience. KPPB Law’s specialized mastery extends into construction law. Dealing with all matters in the construction process, the construction attorneys at KPPB law can fulfill any of your legal construction needs. Their intimate knowledge of both construction law and construction sites allows them to cover all construction law services, including: project bidding, claims, workers’ comp, schedule conflicts, unforeseen site complications, delays, scheduling, budgeting, fulfilling regulatory guidelines, submitting claims, managing architects and material suppliers, hiring contractors and subcontractors, and more. KPPB Law strives to effectively represent or defend construction contractors in any legal bind.

To provide their best construction law services, the construction attorneys of KPPB Law begin their process with comprehensive consultations. During this consultation, they will hone-in on the specific needs of the construction contractor. This comprehensive consultation allows the construction attorneys at KPPB to modify their services to best fit unique needs, creating a customized approach to each specific case. KPPB Law cares about community, and cares about professionally serving each individual client. Their comprehensive consultations with construction contractors are a crucial part of getting to know their client, understanding the case at hand, and effectively representing/defending the client.

The corporate office of KPPB Law is located at One Lakeside Commons Suite 800, 990 Hammond Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30328, and can be reached at (678)443-2220. KPPB Law also has locations in Virginia, Texas, and New Jersey: if you are interested in pursuing their construction law services in any of these states, please visit their contact page for individual information on each of these locations. To learn more about KPPB Law, please visit . Construction contractors interested in learning more about the construction law services offered by KPPB may read more at . To schedule a comprehensive consultation, please call KPPB Law at (678)443-224, or complete the contact form at

Phone: (678)443-2220

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