(Mass Media Release) Monday, November 1st 2010 will be a day that members of the church worldwide and Bishop Jim Swilley will never forget. It was on that day that Swilley came out of the closest, revealing his sexual orientation as a member of the gay community. This shocking story has already been covered by the likes of CNN, ABC News, Perez Hilton and a myriad of more media outlets across the country. Jim Swilley and his ex-wife Debye aka Deb Swill has made headlines all over the world.

The news especially stunned the Georgia area as Swilley is the founder of one of the most prominent mega-churches in all of America (and home of many high-profile urban celebrities), and has been the pastor in the church for over 25 years. Swilley, an important figure in the urban community in the Atlanta, Georgia area shocked those in attendance as he revealed his orientation in front of a crowd gathered at the church.

As Swilley, the father of four children revealed his orientation in front of a packed audience, he went on to say that his decision to come clean was not a personal one, but a public testimony in which he hopes will save lives in the future. Swilley claimed he made the difficult decision with Debye, just one week before he gave his statement.

Swilley‘s decision was not a random one, but was motivated from a string of recent events, which have taken place. On September 22nd, the world witnessed a high profile suicide case. Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old student at Rutgers University jumped off the George Washington Bridge after two students hid a camera in his room and filmed him engaging in a sexual act with another male. The two students who filmed Clementi‘s acts were charged with illegally taping sexual activity and posting the images online without consent.

Moved by Clementi‘s tragic ending, Dan Savage, a popular sex columnist for Seattle‘s alt-weekly The Stranger took his battle to YouTube with his “It Gets Better” series. In order to get his point across, Savage‘s videos featured adult gay people speaking honestly about coming out of the closest, including there own personal experiences. The message is to assure gay teens that life does indeed get better.

Then there was the story of Forth Worth, Texas City Councilman Joel Burns. Burns, an openly gay member of the Forth Worth city council, on October 12th, emotionally told his story about nearly committing suicide at age 13 due to being bullied and harassed. Again, the message Burns hoped to get across was that “it gets better.”

Moved by Clementi, Savage and Burns, Bishop Jim Swilley was given the motivation and inspiration to come clean. Due to contrary public belief, Swilley believes that sexual orientation is not a choice and hopes that his truth will save lives, by encouraging gay teens to put a stop to suicide attempts.

Jim Swilley‘s ex-wife Debye is the CFO of The Church in the Now and is a proud life coach client of Katapult Enterprises, specifically of the company‘s founder and president, ZoeLena Shuster. Debye has also completed Katapult‘s life coach certification program. It was Katapult and ZoeLena that helped give her the proper self-confidence to submit and encourage Jim Swilley to come forward with such a momentous announcement. Katapult is well known for utilizing the principals of Universal Laws in order to make a positive change in not only the lives of there clients, but in the world altogether.

Katapult achieves such goals by developing the highest quality resources in health, wellness, personal development, business, media and entertainment. Influencing a network of right relationships and encouraging the building of strong alliances, Katapult strategically was placed on a solid foundation, which allows them to market and promote health conscience products and services, personal and business development resources, along with multi-media entertainment. Katapult‘s goals are to enlighten and enrich excellent living.

It is without doubt that Bishop Jim Swilley‘s team have used the tactics and strategies provided to him by Katapult Enterprises to not only better The Church in the Now, but by utilizing the learning experience alongside Katapult, gained the confidence to feel strongly about making a change in the world.

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