LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Monica Lin is an attorney admitted to the bar in both California and New York. She specializes in business litigation, commercial real estate litigation and lender liability claims. Additionally, she works with corporations and real estate investors to resolve legal issues and disputes in transactions.

“When it comes to business litigation and dealing with real estate and corporations of any size, there are always legal issues and loopholes that require legal representation. At times, there can be an imbalance of legal power between the parties involved, whether you are a corporation or an individual. This is where I come in. I help balance the legal power for both sides, making sure my clients get their just due,” said Monica Lin of CEO Law, Inc.

Lin is also active among many different non profits and communities in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. She has served in a leadership role in several Asian Pacific and women focused organizations. She has also served on the board of directors for several different groups as well. Read more about her involvement here.

Lin is pleased to announce that recently she was appointed to a committee of the California Lawyers Association. This statewide association came into existence pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 36, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. It has a multifold purpose of advancement, inclusion and education of all attorneys practicing law in California. Previously part of the State Bar of California for decades, it is now an independent entity headquartered in Sacramento, California.

“My appointment is on the Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Law Committee. It is a great honor and the work of the committee will help further the fields of law that I am very passionate about,” continued Lin.

Lin is focused and excited.

“My appointment commences immediately. I have already started working on plans and ideas to further support the goals of the committee and the organization as a whole. It is my hope that my contributions will help attorneys in the same field as I am in, and I will play a role in proposing new legislation in various fields of business law,” said Lin.

The appointment to the committee is a three-year term. Lin will be taking on additional responsibilities and networking extensively during her term but wants to reassure her clients that her focus remains on them and their specific needs.

“My clients come first, always,” said Lin.

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Monica Lin, Esq., Attorney

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