12, April 2017: One Austin locksmith has decided to keep up with the times. Transponder keys are becoming the more popular item for your car, making traditional keys a thing of the past. The problem that some people have is that they worry about what happens when they lose their transponder and cannot get into the car. This Austin locksmith has the answer for you.

Recently, Austin Locksmiths just announced new transponder key services for those customers who find themselves in a bind with nowhere else to turn. “If the technology is improving; so should our business,” said the owner when discussing this new aspect to their company. “There is a real need in the community to offer these services and we are now able to fill this role for customers.”

What makes transponder keys so unique? These keys have a little chip inside of them known as a transponder chip. While in the past keys could just be cut and the driver could use it, now these keys have a chip in them for the sole purpose of adding additional security. That means that not only do these keys need to be cut properly but the transponder chip must also be programmed to be use for your car otherwise the key will not work properly. Without programming, the keys will not be able to start your car though they will allow you to still open the trunk and car doors.

This can be a complicated and more specialized process that not all locksmith companies are able to complete. “Our company can do this task right on the spot for you, any time of day thanks to our 24/7 services. The process to create these keys may take a little longer than with traditional keys, but we can handle it on the spot for you so you can get back to your day.”

Austin Locksmiths is very excited for this new service and they are looking forward to helping provide it to the local community. They also anticipate broadening their range of services to continue to change with the times. “Things are changing all of the time, so it’s really important for us as a business to keep up with these changes to better serve our community.” Said the owner of Austin Locksmiths.

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