Dallas, Texas, March 8, 2018 – Having initiated his professional life in the aerospace industry, Neil McClure has since ventured into many other industries including the medical industry and image analytics. Having widely pursued his entrepreneurial endeavors, he has now published an exciting new book that is totally different from his entire professional and entrepreneurial career. Aiming to give the readers something humorous, relatable and inspirational, he compiled golden nuggets of humor and insight that he observed around him throughout the day, distilling these events into a single line of text.

Titled Observations of Life – One Line at a Time: Soon-to-be-Famous Quotes from a Not-so-Famous Person, the book has already received positive reviews from Amazon buyers. McClure gathered quotes from all fields of life, ranging from work and relationships to what was said at home by himself or dramatized by his children. Inspirational and humorous sayings that would normally be lost in humdrum of life are now immortalized in this book for people to read and take joy in. Each quote is a reminder of all that it is to be human.

“The quotes are great; some are oft thought but never spoken...until now. McClure has a great way of verbalizing quandaries (both complex and common) of the day,” stated an Amazon buyer in an official review of the book. The buyer further added “The numbering of each line makes me wonder what other quotes are hidden between the published numbers. Here's hoping there is a Volume 2!”

With degrees in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Physics and a Master of Science in Systems Management, McClure has a vast and expansive professional repertoire. He is also a successful entrepreneur with more than 20 patents under his name for the products he has developed, where his most successful invention was an electronic voting system that was responsible for collecting more than 15 million votes in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Having developed his writing skills in the technical realm of infinite detail, he has applied these abilities to the world at large with an eye on humanity. Observations of Life is an extension of McClure’s many technical literary endeavors.

Neil McClure is available for interviews.

Observations of Life – One Line at a Time: Soon-to-be-Famous Quotes from a Not-so-Famous Person is now available on Amazon.com.

Book preview: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B67PPPL

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