Brooklyn, N.Y. - For a business to survive for three generations, something must be working well. For Salerno, the secret lies in two things: how they treat the customer and the different services offered.

The Salerno family have run the shop since 1959 when Salvatore opened the doors. Still a major part of the day to day business, son Mario and grandson Sal handle the majority of the day to day operations.

“We opened the business and realized one very important thing. We are neighbors. The customers we are going to serve will be the same people we will see on a daily basis. My dad made sure that no matter who the customer was, each and every customer was going to be treated like family. And since we are Italian, you know what that means,” said Mario Salerno, owner of Salerno.

The Salerno family made it a point to be available when it came to their auto body repair there was only one thing to do. They decided to be available 24/7. Even if there is a car crash at 3 a.m. on Christmas, the Salernos will be there for the car, tow it back to the facility and make sure the car is safely stored until the next full work day. The professional and fully trained staff will review the damage and get an estimate to the car owner as soon as possible.

“We can return an estimate to the customer in as little as a few hours, depending on the situation. Regardless, the customer will have an answer within 24 hours of reception of the car at the shop,” said Salerno.

The company accepts all major insurances and works with the adjuster teams to help the customer get back on the road with as little hassle as possible. Should the car be beyond reasonable repair, the team can help the customer with salvage. This, however, is rare for the Salerno family to encounter this particular problem.

“The only times we have the issue of repair is when the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the car. Otherwise, there are very few times when we cannot make the damage look like it just rolled off of the assembly line,” continued Salerno.

Salerno offers general auto repair in addition to body repair. The technicians can do most light repairs on all makes and models, foreign and domestic. The services are limited to the weekdays.

“As much as we would love to be open 24/7 for repairs, it would detract from our auto body repair. This is where Dad [Salvatore] started and expects it to remain that way,” continued Salerno.

More information, including estimates over text messages and the remaining services, is available at the website. Visit Salerno.

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