Edmonton based Auto Transport Masters recently launched a new Auto Transportation Service to round out the line of roadside assist, towing and emergency towing services the company offers.

Auto Transportation can be useful in a number of scenarios including a move that involves multiple vehicles, moving a classic or expensive car at the wrong time of year, or a relocation a long distance away. Auto Transportation can also be a planned way to move a vehicle that is in need of repair, over an emergency tow kind of situation.

A company spokesperson says the new service will deliver all of the quality, responsiveness, and professionalism people have come to expect from Auto Transport Masters, in a more controlled, scheduled manner to meet the needs of the situation. And where plans slip through the cracks or a situation changes and Auto Transport is required last minute, rather than pre-planned, the company’s 24/7 30-minute guarantee will still cover the situation.

Providing expert, licensed, bonded and insured service to residents of Edmonton, the towing technicians at Auto Transport Masters are experienced in all areas of towing, from accident recovery to simple roadside assist, and are equipped to handle all types of vehicles. Technicians are trained to know which kind of tow service is best for the specific vehicle and situation involved, and to handle situations that don’t require a tow, but can be better managed by a roadside fix.

The company’s roadside assist services include flat tire change, fuel delivery, car start, and essential car lockout services. Whether you’re on the road, at home, or in a parking lot somewhere in the city, skilled and trained technicians are able to resolve most simple problems easily to get drivers back on the road quickly.

As with the company’s other services, Auto Transport Masters guarantees its new Auto Transport service will be based on competitive pricing, and backed by responsive and friendly customer service.

Though primarily focused in the Edmonton area, the Auto Transport service will accommodate long distance and special requests in order to meet the client’s specific needs. Depending on the specific situation, advance booking may be required. However, whether moving a vehicle from Edmonton to Calgary, or transporting a classic car through the Rockies to Kelowna, Auto Transport Masters can get the vehicle there safely, and efficiently.

Closer to home, the company’s team of trained and local technicians are experienced in all things Edmonton. From traffic patterns to weather, to knowing the ins and outs of specific roads, the spokesperson says staff are equipped to handle the challenges and nuances of the local area. Because staff are local, they know the roads, and know what is required to keep drivers, their vehicles, and themselves safe in any condition.

Auto Transport Masters is proud to introduce its new service to residents of Edmonton. The spokesperson says the company looks forward to becoming a partner in serving Edmonton residents’ moving and transportation needs with the same focus, quality and professionalism they have delivered through their towing and roadside assist services.

For more information, visit towingedmontonab.ca

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