Portland, Oregon – Automotive industry suppliers such as 3M, BP, BG Products, CUDirect, Rhino Linings, Rytec Doors and Snap-On discover a new twist on word of mouth advertising. They’re winning big and so are their customers.

They’ve discovered WinWinVideos.com.

These industry giants need word of mouth advertising like all businesses. Their prospects are super busy and have little or no time for salespeople. They need their customer’s to become brand ambassadors and help influence prospects with word of mouth advertising.

WinWinVideos turns customers into brand ambassadors and gets them to tell their story. It starts by giving their customer something very valuable. They pay WinWinVideos to visit their customer’s business to shoot a marketing video that helps their customer’s business.

Only after WinWinVideos is done shooting a video for their customer does WinWinVideos ask about and record a video about their success with their supplier. The industry giants make the little guy feel special and literally look great first. Afterwards, their customer is super enthusiastic, sincere and willing to talk of the success they’ve had with their supplier on video.

It’s truly win-win and a wonderful example of the big guys helping out the little guys!

As, Michael Watkins, VP of Rytec Doors says, “We see it as a Win-Win-Win. Our customers, distributors and internal team all win”. See Michael’s interview here.

WinWinVideos.com is a product of video production company Media272, Inc. who has been shooting videos since 2006. Media272, Inc. has a national network of videographers serving most North American metro markets.

For more information contact:
Jon Nigbor, President
[email protected]

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