SHENZHEN, PRC, December 01, 2017 – AVE40, a renowned online Vaping sensation specializing in providing the newest, most original and affordable vapor devices as well as Vaping accessories, has proudly announced the launch of its all-new Vaping model, Vapeman STEAM ENGINE DNA75 Box Mod.

“We are thrilled to extend our profound partnership with Vapeman who have made a name by developing The best variety of E Juice devices and flavors so that our clients can enjoy every moment of their Vaping,” said Jhins Zheng, the AVE40’s CEO while talking about Vapeman STEAM ENGINE DNA. “Their passion and dedication to making quality Vaping devices is already well known. It’s an honor to be able to work alongside their team, and there's is a synergy between our two brands that we feel will result in a profitable relationship for both of us but most importantly, provide value to our clients,” he added.

If you are into that steampunk look, then this may be the perfect mod for you. Measuring 63mm by 28mm by 85mm, The Vapeman STEAM ENGINE DNA is a compact kit covered in premium leather with rivets, which gives a cool punk look. The mod is enclosed in an old type weathered which creates creases and imperfections on it.

Portable and lightweight, the mod is leak-proof and is easy to refill. The main selling point, however, is the Evolve DNA75 Escribe software, which allow users to customize their Vaping temperature or rather experience.

With more three years in The vapor domain, covering more than 1,000 vapor shops and major online stores in China, AVE40 never ceases to deliver enhanced values and exceptional vapor experience to wholesalers, retailers, vapor house, online stores and end users.

To learn more about The Vapeman STEAM ENGINE DNA75 Box Mod and other vapor devices, you can contact AVE40 customer support team at [email protected], or visit their site at

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