Specialists in baby sleepwear for Australian mothers, Baby Sleep Store has announced that it will be launching a suite of online resources for its customers, planned for release over the second half of 2017.

After a successful launch in May, Baby Sleep Store has it’s sights set on becoming the Australian market-leader in baby sleepwear. It has announced plans to launch a variety of digital resources to its customers this year, including:

- A magazine-style parenting column to provide balanced commentary on the latest parenting trends and advice, alongside core parenting tips to assist new parents make informed choices for themselves and their family.
- A series of product guides that will give expert commentary and advice on all of the products available at Baby Sleep Store - including advice on which products are best suited to a customer’s particular needs.
- An interactive product wizard (aimed at new mothers), that will assist customers in choosing the right products for their particular situation.
- A mobile app to give easy access to all online resources, as well as a parenting toolkit, with features including a white noise maker, baby sleep logs and more to be announced.

Managing Director, Jason von Stieglitz said, “Baby Sleep Store’s mission is to guide and support mums to make the best choices for their babies and provide quality sleep products to give the whole family a better night's sleep. We are already in the process of significantly expanding our range of products, but the really exciting news is that we are working on a number of online resources that will be accessible via our website and the app store that aims to provide the full gambit of both parenting and product-related advice so that our customers feel confident in all the choices that they make.”

In addition to the online resources planned for late this year, Baby Sleep Store is also planning on upgrading its website ( www.babysleepstore.com.au ) to improve its navigation and mobile shopping experience.

“We understand that our customers are often shopping whilst busy juggling the many demands of being a parent which is why we are investing in innovative ways to connect to our customers so that we can both improve their online shopping experience and also give them confidence in the choices that they are making as a parent,” Mr von Stieglitz added.

“We understand how daunting it can be as a new parent and our aim is to provide the best support we can to all of our customers, to help make their journey just that little bit more comfortable”.

About Baby Sleep Store

Baby Sleep Store is Australia's #1 provider of baby sleeping bags, swaddles and other baby sleep products. Understanding that no baby (or mother) is the same, is why we stock a wide range of the best baby sleep brands that allow Australian mothers to make the right choice for their baby. Or aim is to support mum’s to make the best choices for themselves and their family to give the whole family a better night's sleep.

Jason von Stieglitz, Managing Director
Company Name: Baby Sleep Store
Address: 44/145 Sydney Rd, Fairlight, Sydney, New South Wales, 2094, Australia
Phone: 1300 413 400
Email: [email protected]

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