(Mass Media Release) Badoo, the world’s largest social network for meeting new people, has unveiled two new U.S.-friendly features designed to help single Americans feel more comfortable flirting and making friends online. The site recently launched its U.S. language version, as it prepares to help Americans re-invent their social life. The two features, named “Interests” and “Ice Breaker,” show Badoo users exactly what the person they’re interested in is into — music, films, sports, a random love of the singer Meat Loaf — and also help them come up with a great opening line to start a conversation and maybe even get a date.

Unlike most dating and social sites, users of the “Interests” feature don’t have to choose from a pre-defined list of generic interests — they are free to get creative and express themselves in the hopes of meeting like-minded people that are local to them and share a niche passion.

The “Ice Breaker” helps users sail through the first awkward moment of messaging someone new by providing some non-cheesy conversation starters. Both features are now available free of charge on Badoo and also on Badoo’s popular Android app.

According to a recent survey carried out by Badoo, the U.S. is the most conservative nation when it comes to meeting people online, with only 58.9 percent of respondents having met someone this way, compared to 80 percent in Spain, 70 percent in France and even 66 percent of the traditionally reserved British. The new features should help shy Americans get over their fear of rejection by giving them common ground when approaching someone new.

Badoo’s new “Interests” feature will also help men worldwide with one of life’s great dating challenges: how to pretend they are truly interested in a woman’s interests and hobbies. (And vice versa for the ladies, who can feign interest in Monday Night Football…)

“It’s hard work coming up with lines to impress new people,” said Jessica Powell, chief marketing officer at Badoo. “We all want to appear funny, smart and relevant, and talking about things you already know the other person is interested in gives you a head start. It makes the approach much more personal and, the likelihood is, more successful. Of course, expressing interest — real or imaginary — in the things someone likes is also a great way to score early Brownie points. Like taking a girl to a real restaurant vs. $2 Taco Night — every little thing helps.”

With more than 130 million Badoo users looking to meet new people, and over 50 million conversations happening on the site each day, the new “Interests” and “Ice Breaker” features will help thousands of people connect with like-minded friends, hobby partners or potential love interests. More than 50 percent of conversations that start on Badoo end in a “real-life” meeting, making it a great way to re-energize your social life.

The “Interests” and “Ice Breaker” features on Badoo give you the advantage of knowing the right things to talk about before you even start the conversation. Guys and girls, you’re welcome.

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