Baltic Amber is a project of dedicated pet lovers from Ireland who are committed to styling and protecting pets in the most luxurious way ever. After years of research and development, the team has developed a pet collar that is perfectly safe for pets and has been tested extensively for safety and results. Nobody ever imagined a pet collar with real gemstones embedded into it but the group of these brilliant pet-lovers have done it for real.

All the hard work that has been done to create these refined pet collars has been paid off in terms of the overwhelming feedback and praises received by the team. Moreover, the work has been praised by pet-lovers, pet shows, fairs, local markets and more, all on a global scale. There is a long list of gemstones used to create these collars and the advantages of these fossils and stones are beyond just styling, it is protection and healing of the pet itself.

In order to have this amazing invention available for everyone, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and are welcoming everyone to support them.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at:   and it offers several pledges and rewards ranging from $24 to $4900. The reward for a $24 pledge is one pet collar while the reward for a $4900 pledge is equipment for a large pet shop including 300 collars with stones of pledger’s own choosing. The retail price for the latter pledge is actually $11700 but they will only receive these custom 300 collars for $4900. The company is currently welcoming everyone to back this amazing accessory and make it available for everyone.

About Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber is an Irish project designed to style and protect pets with amazing collars full of expensive and luxury gemstones. The company is seeking support through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and is welcoming everyone to back and support them for the love of animals.

Contact Person: Ignas Bielskis
Company: Precious Amber Pets
Address: Dublin , Ireland
Phone: +353852244224
Email: [email protected]

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