Green Butterfly Brands’ Bark at the Moon Blog addresses a few of the many ways an animal-lover can celebrate National Pet Day

On National Pet Day, pet owners everywhere will tell their pets how much they love them and maybe throw them some extra cat or dog treats after dinner. But what if they want to go a little further in celebrating the love and loyalty of their pet? The Bark at the Moon Blog has its readers covered. The latest blog post proposes five ways to recognize and honor one’s pet on National Pet Day. These five ideas are just a few of the many things one can do to show their pet some love. “At Green Butterfly Brands, we’re all about the dogs. But National Pet Day is a time to celebrate all pets! Our latest blog post broadens the perspective a little to include activities various pets can participate in,” said Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands. “Don’t forget to show your pet how much you care this National Pet Day!”

The Bark at the Moon blog post starts by acknowledging that an extra treat or two will do just fine by any pet’s standards! However, many owners are looking to go above and beyond for their pets, as their pets do for them, and should consider these ideas from the team at Bark at the Moon. The first idea is to take the pet on an adventure, as many pets enjoy exploring the outdoors and getting some exercise. The second idea is to pamper them by dedicating a few hours to improving their hygiene. Idea number-three suggests picking out a brand-new toy for the pet. The fourth and fifth ideas encourage readers to donate to a local shelter or even welcome a new pet into their home.

However owners decide to celebrate National Pet Day, those at Green Butterfly Brands urge them to spend at least a little extra time with their pets, in acknowledgement of their constant love and affection for their humans. Read the full post and keep up with the Bark at the Moon Blog by visiting

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