BbTALKIN USA is proudly introducing their next generation transceiver walkie-talkie, called the BbRadio. The company is taking pre-orders and has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to back this project on Kickstarter. It is a Bluetooth receiver that also acts as a walkie-talkie with an unlimited range. Moreover, users can also use it as a hands-free Bluetooth headset for their phone. The BB-Radio is an amazing creation that will redefine high-tech and advanced communications in the daily lives of the people. Furthermore, with Zello App, it is also compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. One of the best features about this device is that it is stated by Zello as the highest sound quality and wind noise cancellation in the market compared to big brand Bluetooth headsets. This is by far the most compact push to talk walkie talkie entering the market for 2017 and will be available for everyone. In order to make this headset available for everyone in time, the company is seeking public support on Kickstarter with a goal to raise $50,000 by Thursday April 27, 2017 and everyone is welcome to back it.

BB-Radio is smart walkie talkie is Bluetooth, lightweight, water resistant and has endless features for the consumer. This push-to-talk, ultra-small smart transceiver replaces the common Walkie Talkie that is not only heavy but not practical. Moreover, with Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone, it can operate as a transceiver application that takes ordinary phone calls, redial or listen to music. It supports both iOS and Android making it the only walkie talkie device able to use both iOS and Android.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will play a major role in bringing this scientific as well as technological innovation to the market for everyone on affordable rates. The company is welcoming generous support on Kickstarter and everyone is welcome to make their contributions and find out more about BB Radio using the link below:

About This Project:

BB Radio is an amazing innovation that is a combination of a Push-To-Talk Receiver, Bluetooth Headset, entertainment companion and a compact revolution that has endless features and benefits. The company is now seeking public support on Kickstarter to raise funds and have this headset ready for everyone.

Contact Person: Mark Baxter (or Sabrina Baxter)
Address: 268 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL - US
Phone: 3219144948
Email: [email protected]

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