The current pandemic has people making changes to their daily routines. Social distancing and masks seem to be the way things are done now. Most people are not overly concerned about either, but masks can be more than a simple annoyance.

The wearing of masks regularly can cause facial and skin issues ranging from irritation to breakouts and more. These are problems people have faced for time immemorial, but the new pandemic has some reconsidering their daily facial routines.

Jennie Chang saw a niche needing to be filled and created her own product line – NANDALA.

NANDALA uses a special process to extract the essentials of oils from young green tea seeds, long known for its potent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to ginseng extract and niacinamide – a special ingredient to brighten dull skin. Chang has taken her product one step further and is tapping into the mineral rich lands of South Korea for the best possible green tea.

“The southern portion of South Korea has some of the richest soil in the world thanks to previous volcanic activity. This means the richness of that earth fills the green tea plants. My products come from these young seeds, and my customers can be sure these products work and work well,” said Chang.

Chang invested considerable time in development of NANDALA. She carefully checked what was most effective for a variety of skin types, took out anything she felt was unnecessary filler and the result is the NANDALA line of skin care products.

“A solid botanical cleansing balm with brightening, tone-up qualities needs to have some degree of moisturizing agent as an integral part. Shea butter and coconut oils are 100 percent natural and contain powerful properties in their own right when it comes to helping skin look healthier and younger. This is why I found the best of the best of both and added them to my NANDALA line,” said Chang.

Chang’s NANDALA line will be sold through her website and an e-store. NANDALA’s website contains products, reviews and a regularly updated blog on skin health and care. Orders are processed behind a secure server, so customers can order without worry. More information, including how to order, is on the website. Visit for details.

Jennie Chang, Founder
[email protected]

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