LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas, August 14, 2017: Great leadership stems from charisma, individuality, and complete confidence in one’s self. That being said, sometimes, a few words of advice can become incredibly useful. In his new book, Seven Disciplines of a Leader, ace executive coach and author Jeff Wolf shares his insights on the traits and disciplines that make a leader great. Wolf uses his experience and expertise as a management consultant and business coach to provide an in-depth description of the traits you should imbibe to bolster your leadership skills.

In his book, Wolf banks on the strategies he has used to propel the success of some of the top companies in the US. Wolf states that while each of these 7 disciplines is important, if you absorb all of them, you will become a well-rounded leader. Some of the skills and traits he focuses on are planning and initiative. The author goes a step further and provides simple guidelines that businesses can follow to identify employees with leadership potential and then groom them accordingly.

The basic idea of the book is that a leader should not only deliver what is expected of him/her, i.e. results, but also help each member of his/her team realize their potential. The leader has to provide the pathways the members of his/her team will follow to reach their personal goals and also help the team achieve its collective goals. The book serves as a blueprint that executives and management personnel can use to implement effective training protocols to groom leaders, and also infuse the necessary disciplines in budding leaders.

Seven Disciplines of a Leader dispels the widely held notion that leadership cannot be taught or learned. Readers will benefit from the insights provided by a highly respected and experienced business coach and author. Using the skills Wolf talks about in the book, managers can become better leaders and decision makers, and also hone their interpersonal and management skills.

Jeff Wolf is a well-known executive business coach, speaker, and management consultant. He has received praise and acclaim from global organizations for his strategic focus on corporate and human issues. He also appears on TV occasionally. He is the founder and president of Wolf Management Consultants, LLC. Wolf’s focus is on helping businesses deal with the challenges and problems they face today.

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