The UK’s capital has a variety of buildings that boast architectural significance. Many of them are now getting converted from former commercial buildings into residential homes, and the Bryant Building in London’s Shoreditch is one of them.

A former Victorian warehouse used by a furniture maker, the Bryant Building is now home to a selection of luxury apartments and offices. The building’s makeover owes part of its new look to bespoke glazier London Box Sash

The family-run firm got approached by Ben Adams Architects and was tasked to come up with windows that were long-lasting and low maintenance. The result is the inclusion of their “50 Year Sash Windows” product utilising Accoya wood.

50-year guarantee

London Box Sash produced 45 windows for the Bryant Building. Comprising of 24 mm 4/16/4 double glazed units, the frames were made of Accoya wood and painted with Teknos “Graphite Black” microporous paint.

According to London Box Sash director Jack Ellis, the windows offer the “ideal solution” for Ben Adams Architects as they are guaranteed by Accoya for 50 years against rot and decay. He adds that the inclusion of Teknos low-maintenance paint means it should last “up to two to three times longer on the Accoya frames than ordinary timbers frames.”

Laura Keily is the head of marketing for Accoya. She also commented that Accoya “offers consistent quality for restoration and redevelopment projects” such as the Bryant Building in Shoreditch, London.

The science behind London Box Sash’s windows

Unlike many other providers of sash windows, London Box Sash manufacturers their products themselves. Because of that fact, 95% of the windows are produced with high-quality Accoya wood for the frames, protecting them from rot for at least half a century.

With over 40 years of research and development into their products, each window benefits from 70 to 80% reduction in swelling and shrinkage. Plus, the low-maintenance paint finish means it lasts up to four times longer than usual.

The sash windows manufactured by London Box Sash are double-glazed “A-rated” units, and offer improved thermal insulation as a result. From an environmental perspective, Accoya wood is sourced from sustainable wood in Accoya’s own properties.

Customers can also request a variety of options and customisations for their sash windows from London Box Sash. Examples include:

- Laminated security glass;
- Toughened glass for extra safety;
- Acoustic glass for areas with high noise pollution (such as busy urban streets);
- Traditional stained glass.

London Box Sash also offer a drained and vented rebate glazing system for each window to prevent premature failure of glazing unit seals.

About London Box Sash

A fully-accredited and award-winning bespoke glazier, London Box Sash have been offering their services to the UK’s capital since 1981. Founded by John Ellis, the family-run business has worked on a range of projects and can offer customised sash window solutions to their customers.

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